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ALScrollViewPaging screenshot


This UIScrollView subclass offers a simple way to manage paging. Simply add an array with the different views to display. The page control dots color can be customized.

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SCPageScrubberBar screenshot


SCPageScrubberBar is a page scrubber bar like ibooks. SCPageScrubberBar works with iOS5.0+ and ARC.

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SMPageControl screenshot


UIPageControl’s Fancy One-Upping Cousin. Designers love to make beautifully custom page controls that fit in with all the wood, gradients, and inner shadows they've worked so hard perfecting. Who can blame them?! SMPageControl makes it dead simple to give them what they want. Even better, SMPageControl is a drop in replacement for UIPageControl. It mirrors all the functions of UIPageControl, with literally no changes beyond the class name.

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DMPageControl screenshot


An high customizable alternative to UIPageControl. DMPageControl redefines exactly every property and methods available in standard UIKit's UIPageControl. However you can customize it by setting additional properties as like dots diameter, on/off colors, element's spacing and style. Finally you can also use custom UIImages as image for each state of the dot (take a look at the screenshot behind). It's based upon an original work of Damien DeVille with DDPageControl at

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ISColumnsController screenshot


A page scrolling container viewcontroller.

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RLPageControl screenshot


A replacement for UIPageControl that allows you to use a given block to draw your own page dot.

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BFPageControl screenshot


A page control for the Mac. It's usage is similar to that of UIPageControl (iOS).

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MCPagerView screenshot


A replacement for the UIPageControl, with a similar functionality but custom "dots".

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SGViewPager screenshot


A collection of custom container UIViewController's. Including a modern one in swift

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OGActionChooser screenshot


OGActionChooser is an iOS control that can be used as a replacement for UIActionSheet or UIAlertView. It displays an arbitrarily long list of button items, each having a title and image. The user can select an item or close the action chooser. The items can be disabled optionally.

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PageViewController screenshot


PageViewController implements a container UIViewControler, controlling the navigation between child UIViewController with UIPageControl.

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FireUIPagedScrollView screenshot


Very nice UIScrollView ready to handle View Controllers as pages, handle orientation changes and integrate with UIPageControl and UISegmentedControl out of the box. Features: - Handles Orientation and Size changes automatically and with smooth animations. - Ready to work with UIPageControl and UISegmentedControl - Easy to use properties and methods (addPagedViewController, pageCount, currentPage, etc) iPhone & iPad Samples included!

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StyledPageControl screenshot


StyledPageControl works just like UIPageControl in iOS, but more customizable. You can change the colors, gap width, diameter and style.

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GCPagedScrollView screenshot


Simple UIScrollView subclass that automatically handle UIPageControl and paged content. You can have a paged UIScrollView with UIPageControl in almost no time.

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SliderPageControl screenshot


Alternative for UIPageControl. Instead of tapping on the page control, you drag the thumb to the page you want while previewing the title of the page before you release the thumb to confirm the page jump. If you release it outside of the focus area, it jumps back to the original page. To check out a demo, you can download (only in the iPhone version, not iPad).

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DDPageControl screenshot


A replacement for UIPageControl that lets you customize the size, spacing and color of the page control dots.

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