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SDScaffoldKit screenshot


UIKit can be tedious and repeative to build simple CRUD interfaces. SDScaffoldKit is a simple library that provides Create, Read, Update, and Delete views/viewcontrollers out-of-the-box. Just creat...

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Location Map screenshot

Location Map

A Design pattern to show the locations and map in an efficient way, the UI mimics Foursquare's checkin view.

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MLTableAlert screenshot


A block-based UIAlertView replacement which allows you to show table view in alerts for fast selection. It supports ARC and is compatible with iOS SDK 5.0 or later. It's completely based on UIViews...

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A3GridTableView screenshot


A3GridTableView is a UIScrollView subclass with a high performance grid view-style layout.

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FXDDoubleTable screenshot


Presents two table views simultaneously, one on top of the other. The heights of the tables changes based upon which one the user scrolls. While front table is showing main items, behind table ...

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ISRefreshControl screenshot


An iOS4-compatible version of the UIRefreshControl, introduced in iOS 6.

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MNMPullToRefresh screenshot


MNMPullToRefresh is a solution to add pull-to-refresh feature at the top of an UITableView. This solution has its basis on the Mediator design pattern (

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ADBGridView screenshot


ADBGridView inherits from UITableView and is populated with ADBImageViews (repository). Number of images for row (cells) can be customized. UITableView is inherited to use cell reuse facility.

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ADBIndexedTableView screenshot


Indexed UITableView using first letter objects property. ADBIndexedTableView uses Objective-C runtime, introspection and message forwarding.

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IZValueSelector screenshot


A simple selector inspired by UIPickerView but based on UITableView ... Update : I just added some support for horizontal scrolling as well (Still using UITableView for that)

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IMOAutocompletionViewController screenshot


Very fast autocompletion UITableView based controller - Fire it, set the data source and delegate and you're good to go.

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HHPanningTableViewCell - Swipe to reveal screenshot

HHPanningTableViewCell - Swipe to reveal

HHPanningTableViewCell is a UITableViewCell implementing "swipe to reveal" a drawer view. Such a view typically holds action buttons applying to the current row. This behavior is seen in a numbe...

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HHTabListController - Vertical tab view controller screenshot

HHTabListController - Vertical tab view controller

HHTabListController is an implementation of a tab controller where tabs are listed in a table view hidden behind the active view controller. The list of tabs may be revealed using a swipe gestur...

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IAInfiniteGridView screenshot


Infinite grid view with UITableView-esque data source methods. If you want to have an infinite scroll view with our own grids, just drag IAInfiniteGridView, set and implement its data source, and y...

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MKSocialShareTableViewCell screenshot


A fairly self contained table view cell that enables the iOS 6 social sharing feature and can be easily “dropped in” to any configuration or options view based on a table view. Includes (replaceabl...

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DAModularTableView screenshot


UITableView subclass that absracts away the ugliness involved with creating static or modular UITableViews. Settings and menu pages are a snap to create with DAModularTableView.

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JCAutocompletingSearch screenshot


Search controller table view widget for querying asynchronous backends allowing user selection from results.

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PTSMessagingCell screenshot


A UITableViewCell subclass, that provides SMS-App like messaging cells (balloons). Very easy to use, just as you would any UITableViewCell. Works with both interface orientations on the iPhone 3...

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MGBox2  screenshot


Simple, quick iOS tables, grids, and more. Designed for rapid table and grid creation with minimal code, using blocks based design patterns. The layout engine supports padding, margins, zInde...

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KOFiles screenshot


KOFiles – extended table with selection This component is an extended UITableView, suited for showing files and directories. It can display additional information, like date of creation and file s...

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MasterDetailController  screenshot


A master detail controller that works like the facebook sliding menu/view You need to provide a master controller and detail controller. These controllers should subclass UIViewController and pr...

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