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JSController screenshot


A set of classes that make it easy to build a controller UI for games. - Written purely in UIKit - All controls are both delegate based and/or pollable. - D-Pad class with full 8 directions, b...

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MDSlideNavigationViewController screenshot


A UINavigationController sub class with neat, custom push and pop animations. * When pushing onto the stack, the old view shrinks in size as the new view slides in. * When popping, the old vi...

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DAPagesContainer screenshot


A generic view container with a scrollable top bar. Just pass the array of view controllers and DAPagesContainer will grab their titles and nicely display them in the top bar. The titles will be...

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MHNatGeoViewControllerTransition screenshot


A new 3D Effect ViewController transition inspired by NatGeo (City Guides by National Geographic)

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KLNavigationController screenshot


Solves the common issue where developers want to change the rootViewController of the UINavigationController after initialization. This is a drop in replacement for UINavigationController that ...

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ImageViewer.swift screenshot


An image viewer inspired by Facebook for iOS.

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DTNavigtionController With DTFolderBar screenshot

DTNavigtionController With DTFolderBar

Linux file browser folder navigation style view.

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GTScrollViewController screenshot


You need a table but with the dynamic view like Facebook home? GTScrollView allows you to dynamically add unlimited views. Every view will be placed correctly in order after the last view added.

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MSSlideNavigationController screenshot


Facebook like UINavigationController to slide back to previous view controller.

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XCDYouTubeVideoPlayerViewController screenshot


YouTube video player for iPhone and iPad

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MHCustomTabBarController screenshot


Custom UITabBar replacement using storyboard and segues.

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C360PopoverBackgroundView screenshot


A tintable UIPopoverBackgroundView subclass which mimics the system popover appearance

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NBUKit screenshot


Customizable camera, assets, image editing, gallery, picker and UIKit subclasses

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GPActivityViewController screenshot


Alternative to UIActivityViewController compatible with iOS 5.0. Partially based on REActivityViewController.

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NTPagedTableViewController screenshot


A UITableView that 'snaps' like `pagingEnabled` on `UIScrollView`.

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BZPasscodeViewController screenshot


Passcode view controller for iOS.

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MMDrawerController screenshot


A lightweight, easy-to-use side drawer navigation controller. MMDrawerController is a side drawer navigation container view controller designed to support the growing number of applications th...

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PBWebViewController screenshot


PBWebViewController is a light-weight, simple and customizable web browser component for iOS. It's just 2 source files, image-free, around 200 lines of code and has been built with modern Cocoa dev...

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DMCustomModalViewController screenshot


A UIViewController which take a root view controller and present it modally with a nice animations and customization options. You can present it full screen or not. It provides some cool gest...

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FlipBoardNavigationController screenshot


This is a new navigation controller inspired by Flipboard.

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Home screenshot


Facebook Home port for iOS. This is an attempt to replicate essential elements of the Facebook Home experience in iOS as an app. The aim is to re-create features like Cover Feed with nothing but...

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DZNWebViewController screenshot


**NOTE**: this has been superseded by [DZNWebViewController 3.0]( A simple web browser for iPhone & iPad with similar features th...

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(no image provided)


LPThreeSplitViewController is a custom UISplitViewController with three views (MenuView, ListView, DetailView). MenuView and DetailView are always visible, and ListView's visibility can be toggl...

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SGBDrillDownController screenshot


A parent view controller for the iPad which manages a stack of controllers similarly to UINavigationController while keeping the top two controllers visible similarly to UISplitViewController.

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GGFullScreenImageViewController screenshot


Scales a UIImageView up to full screen size with a simple animation.

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