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Ophiuchus screenshot


Custom Label to apply animations on whole text or letters.

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UILabel-AutomaticWriting screenshot


UILabel category with automatic writing animation. Inspired by Google Trends - Hot Searches (

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BTLabel screenshot


UILabel subclass with vertical text alignment, insets, images and height calculation.

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IQLabelView screenshot


IQLabelView is used to add text overlay and resize and rotate it with single finger. pod 'IQLabelView', '~> 0.1'

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GoogleMaterialDesignIcons screenshot


Google Material Design Icons Font for iOS It is based on it converts the material-design-icons svg file in the font file, it was easy to use. You c...

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ShadeLabel screenshot


A UILabel library that automatically drops shadow if it's backgroundColor or superview's background (if your label backgroundColor is clearColor) get's brighter.

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BFKit screenshot


BFKit is a collection of useful classes to <strong>develop Apps faster</strong>. If you are looking for <strong>Swift</strong> version check it out here: <strong><a href="https://www.cocoacontro...

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WeatherFontIcon screenshot


Using Font Icon Set within Label to display weather icon

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KIInPlaceEdit screenshot


In-place editing for UILabel! UILabel+InPlaceEdit.h enables users to edit a label in the place. No inheritance. Just import the category and [label ipe_enableInPlaceEdit]; :) Related Link...

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ASAttributedLabelNode screenshot


Draw NSAttributedString in SpriteKit

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ODMultiColumnLabel screenshot


A UILabel replacement that renders text on multiple columns, comes in both Objective-C and Swift versions

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TOMSMorphingLabel screenshot


Configurable morphing transitions between text values of a label.

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ClearTextLabel screenshot


UILabel subclass that renders see through text using CoreText, textColor is clearColor.

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CRGradientLabel screenshot


Custom UILabel subclass which allows gradient coloured backgrounds.

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APLabel screenshot


Detect touch on a `UILabel`'s letters. How it works it's explained here:

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DKUserMessageView screenshot


Simple iOS User Message View with Optional Loading.

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NRTextTransitions screenshot


Basic block-based text transitions.

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NALLabelsMatrix screenshot


iOS view allowing creation of grid like label structures. Quite useful for showing data columns inside table views.

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ImgGlyph screenshot


ImgGlyph for iOS is a collection of drop-in replacements for UILabel and UITextView that allow for correctly sized in-line images (image glyphs) by replacing certain characters or strings with spec...

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NZLabel screenshot


UILabel with multiple fonts and colors.

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RFTapEditLabel screenshot


UILabel subclass with UIAlertView editing. Support for masked passwords and placeholders.

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