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Record Button screenshot

Record Button

A Record Button in Swift. Inspired by SDRecordButton It shows you the recording process when recording. It's great for a video recorder app with a fixed/maximum length like snapchat, vine, instragram.

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ANLongTapButton screenshot


Long tap button with animated progress bar

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JZMultiChoicesCircleButton screenshot


Multi-choices circular button with 3D parallax effect

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MKRingProgressView screenshot


Ring progress view similar to Activity app on Apple Watch

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CircleTimer screenshot


Animated countdown timer

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HolyView screenshot


Custom view with transparent circle hole and title/button subview

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MGCircleButton screenshot


Subclass of UIButton, button with circle background image of custom color

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ADCircularMenu screenshot


Circular style menu * Smooth animations * Tapping non button area closes menu * Tap on Corner button again to close menu * Generic & small code * Easy to modify as per requirements * Customisation options like corner button images, menu buttons image, animation speed, button widths, distance between concentric circles ( provides as #defines )

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NORosettaView screenshot


Circle arc based control with selected number of leafs (pizza style).

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Circular Progress Bar (MBCircularProgressBar) screenshot

Circular Progress Bar (MBCircularProgressBar)

A circular animatable & IB highly customizable progress bar

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GaugeKit screenshot


Easy reproduce Apple's style gauges.

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DownloadButton screenshot


Customizable App Store style download button. Customizable designable components. Editing with IB.

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AvatarView screenshot


Easy to use view for displaying avatars.

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VMButtonCircleFun screenshot


Make circle button with animation

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MGFinderView screenshot


MGFinderView is an animated finder view useful for instance to focus or to suggest a point of the screen to the user.

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VAProgressCircle screenshot


iOS custom UIView for loading content from 0% - 100%

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QZCircleSegue screenshot


Custom Segue developed in Swift for transition between circular-shapped buttons and UIViewControllers

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JSWheelView screenshot


Wheel Control View

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DBMapSelectorViewController screenshot


This component allows you to select circular map region from the MKMapView.

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CircleProgressBar screenshot


iOS Circle Progress Bar. Provides interface similar to standard UIProgressView control and gives you a lot of options for customization. Supports XCode 6 live render feature to customize control on-the-fly using Interface Builder.

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MARKCircularSlider screenshot


A custom reusable circular slider control. Values range is between `minimumValue` and `maximumValue` (from 0 to 1 by default). Please check Demo project for a basic example on how to use MARKCircularSlider. ### Available control properties - `value` - the current value of the slider - `minimumValue` - the minimum value of the slider's range - `maximumValue` - the maximum value of the slider's range ## Available styling properties - `filledColor` - color of the filled area - `unfilledColor` - color of the unfilled area

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