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Anim screenshot


Animation library, using Core Animation. Designed for iOS. In Swift.

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SCSQLite screenshot


The SCSQLite is a wrapper of SQLite Objective-C for iPhone and iPad (iOS). (

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MagnetPopupPicker screenshot


Simple and easy to use drop down substitution for IOS, with search function and flexible data input interface.

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KINWebBrowser screenshot


KINWebBrowser is a web browser module for your apps. Compatible with iPhone and iPad devices running iOS 7 & 8.

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NCRAutocompleteTextView screenshot


An NSTextView subclass that implements a popover to autocomplete words.

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FDChessboardView screenshot


### Features * High resolution graphics * Customizable themes and game graphics * Supports all single board chess variants: suicide, losers, atomic, etc. * Supports games with odd piece a...

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SCFacebook 4.1 screenshot

SCFacebook 4.1

The SCFacebook 4.1 is a simple and cleaner to use the api facebook-ios-sdk Objective-C Wrapper ( to perform login, get friends list, information about t...

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SCLogger screenshot


SCLogger is a debugging console created by developer for developers, easy integration with your project. For all NSLog

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YahooClassicalButton screenshot


Yahoo Classical Button is a cocoa version of yahoo flickr classical button.

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MMPopLabel screenshot


A popping label with optional buttons, useful for tutorial-like tips.

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KPCClipShadowsScrollView screenshot


A simple Cocoa NSScrollView subclass that allows to draw on its top and its bottom small shadow rectangles to provide a subtle and discrete fade effect, for a smoother visual transition.

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TKDynamicRACTableView screenshot


A feed tableview that uses ReactiveCocoa and MVVM.

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TRZSlideLicenseViewController screenshot


iOS horizontal scroll view controller for displaying the licenses managed by Cocoapods.

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APHorizontalMenu screenshot


APHorizontalMenu is a completely customizable horizontal menu that can be created in the Storyboard or directly by code.

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CADRACSwippeableCell screenshot


Swippeable UICollectionViewCell subclass made with Reactive Cocoa.

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CocoaPodUI screenshot


XCode plugin that implements CocoaPods GUI.

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NXVLogFormatter screenshot


Simple custom CocoaLumberjack log

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InstagramKit screenshot


A neat little blocks-based Objective C wrapper for the Instagram API. It readily parses the JSON responses on a background thread and does the dirty work for you so you just have to deal with In...

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UIForLumberjack screenshot


iOS UI library to display CocoaLumberjack logs on iOS devices.

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VTAcknowledgementsViewController screenshot


Ready to use “Acknowledgements”/“Licenses”/“Credits” view controller for CocoaPods.

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DDMultipeerConsole screenshot


A console for viewing log messages from DDMultipeerLogger

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DDMultipeerLogger screenshot


A logger for CocoaLumberjack that uses multipeer connectivity

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Log4Cocoa screenshot


Log4j port for iOS and Mac OS X.

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LumberjackConsole screenshot


On-device CocoaLumberjack console with support for search, filters and more.

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FunctionalReactivePixels screenshot


A demonstration of how to use FRP with ReactiveCocoa in an iOS context using the 500px API.

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