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DIImageView screenshot


A Snapchat-like caption integrated within a regular UIImageView.

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BKZoomView screenshot


A UIView that will zoom into its parent view. It can be implemented with only three lines of code and is very easy to use. It is optionally drag-able with a customizable zoom scale.

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BVCropPhoto screenshot


BVCropPhoto is image cropping library for iOS. pod 'BVCropPhoto'

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RACollectionViewReorderableTripletLayout screenshot


The custom collectionView layout that can perform reordering of cells by dragging it. __pod 'RACollectionViewReorderableTripletLayout'__

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ZFDragableModalTransition screenshot


Custom animation transition for presenting modal view controllers.

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BSShareMenu screenshot


A pie menu control for sharing content on social sites.

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RASlideInViewController screenshot


A view controller that implements a custom transition effect.

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GBSlideOutToUnlockView screenshot


An "Inside-2-Outside Slide to Unlock" component for iOS

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iMessageStyleReveal screenshot


Provides a plug and play solution for adding pull to reveal info along side your UITableView's.

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HPReorderTableView screenshot


A drop-in UITableView replacement to reorder cells with long press on any part of the cell.

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UIView+draggable screenshot


UIView category that adds dragging capabilities

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AMDraggableBlurView screenshot


Draggable blurred view. This control is inspired by the brilliant work of César Pinto Castillo's AMBlurView

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MSDynamicsDrawerViewController screenshot


Container view controller that leverages UIKit Dynamics to provide a realistic drawer navigation paradigm. Here's some example gifs to see MSDynamicsDrawerViewController in action: You can <a...

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PullDownMenu screenshot


A pulldown menu designed for all iOS devices, it supports both navigation controllers and views, users can either pull it down or activate by tapping a button.

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CBDraggableView screenshot


A subclass of UIView that you can drag to anywhere. Also add the effect like those dating app (swipe, Tinder, etc.), swipe left and right will make the view rotate a little bit.

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PerfectImageCropper screenshot


PerferctImageCropper for iOS offers a ready-to-use component to easily get the target part from the original image, without compression, after rotating, scaling and dragging the image on UI

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BRScrollBarView screenshot


BRScrollBarView is a powerful scroll bar allows the user to drag a handle to quickly scroll through the contents of a UIScrollView or UITableView. BRScollBarView shows a label with text, so you ...

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Dragon Reaction screenshot

Dragon Reaction

A Cocoa Touch category that streamlines the code required to animate the movement ("dragging") of a view associated with a UIGestureRecognizer as well as respond to conditions where said view over...

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Drag Menu screenshot

Drag Menu

A drag-to-reveal menu that allow user to drag at somewhere and see a menu show up. The drag menu will stick at the point that user dragged, configurable if you want it's center to stick at a point....

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YIDragScrollBar screenshot


Attaches draggable scroll bar on top of original UIScrollView for iOS5+, works like a charm.

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UzysDragMenu screenshot


Drag Menu you can easily open and close using drag gesture. UzysDragMenu features: - Very easy to customize menu view , you can use interface builder. - You can choose drag area (superView...

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ZGPullDragTableView screenshot


Awesome TableView Category for Drag and Pull.

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JDDroppableView screenshot


A DroppableView represents a single draggable View. You may use it as a base class for the views, that you need to be draggable in your project. Currently it is built, to be used within a scrollVie...

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TKDragView screenshot


An easy to use, flexible and universal solution for letting your users drag objects around the screen.

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HGKDragAndDropRecycleBin screenshot


Drag and drop objects contended in a scrollable image gallery to a recycle bin

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