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EFInternetIndicator screenshot


❌📱 A little swift Internet error status indicator using ReachabilitySwift

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Instagram Activity Indicator screenshot

Instagram Activity Indicator

Activity Indicator similar to Instagram's new Activity Indicator. Very customizable, i.e. the number of segments, color, and duration.

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AALoaders screenshot


AALoaders is a lightweight, easy-to-use and powerful progress view loaders framework, written in Swift. It uses simple native elements for progress loading with customisations and allow to use with...

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HexLoader screenshot


This is a open source library which shows a hexagon shaped loading indictor, developed using CAShapeLayer and CABasicAnimation. The library is highly customisable.

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KRActivityIndicatorView screenshot


An activity indicator view for OSX written in Swift, based on Loader.css!

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JDBreaksLoading screenshot


JDBreaksLoading Based on simple UIView and SpriteKit. You can easily start up a little breaking game by one line. By the way, don't make user wait too long to play the game~

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MaterialLoadingIndicator screenshot


Material like loading indicator for iOS.

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DRPLoadingSpinner screenshot


A customizable loading spinner and refresh control for iOS that's strikingly Material-like.

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ITActivityIndicator screenshot


A very simple alternative to UIActivityIndicatorView

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CircularSpinner screenshot


A Beautiful fullscreen Circular Spinner, very useful for determinate or indeterminate task. You can use it as activity indicator during loading.

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DotsLoader screenshot


Dots Activity Indicator using Interface Builder (Swift 3)

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MessageProgressView screenshot


Simple loading animation for Swift.

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ASJColoredScrollIndicators screenshot


Apply color to scroll indicators of any UIScrollView

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FTIndicator screenshot


A light wight UI package contains local notification, progress HUD, toast, with blur effect, elegant API and themes Support for iOS. Inspried by Apple's process indicator and notifications.

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ALLoadingView screenshot


Model for operating pop-up views to notify users that some work is in progress

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SAILoadingView screenshot


It's a basic loading view in Swift, with error message and Retry button.

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DPBasicLoading screenshot


It's a very basic loading in iOS. Adapted from App Store in iOS. Implemented under scrollview so it could be used for tableview and collectionview.

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Mail Menu Bar Indicator screenshot

Mail Menu Bar Indicator

Menu bar unread count indication for in Mac OS.

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LoadingButton screenshot


UIButton subclass with an activity indicator and loading text

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GDLoadingIndicator screenshot


Loading indicator with set of animations.

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ZVProgressHUD screenshot


ZVProgressHUD is a simple HUD for swift.

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FPActivityIndicator screenshot


A simple activity indicator. Written in Swift. Simple and customisable from Interface builder and by code

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RPCircularProgress screenshot


UIView subclass written in Swift to show circular progress.

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SGProgressIndicator screenshot


SGProgressIndicator have more customizations.... Try it !

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KRProgressHUD screenshot


KRProgressHUD is a beautiful and easy-to-use progress HUD for your iOS written by Swift 2.

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