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SlowMotionVideoRecorder screenshot


**120 fps SLO-MO video recorder** using AVFoundation. - Including convenient wrapper class. - Available on the iPhone5s. Example for the slow motion video:

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MSMenuView screenshot


MSMenuView is an easy to use custom uitabbarcontroller, or menu (iOS 6+) .

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JKExpandTableView screenshot


Expandable Nested Table View for iOS JKExpandableNestedTableView is a subclass of UITableView that makes it easy to create a table view with expandable/collapsable rows. Recursive nesting is not supported. Compatibility: iOS 4.0+. Requires ARC. Key Features: - Multi-selectable sub-table. - Single-selectable sub-table. - Mixing multi-selectable and single-selectable sub-tables within a single JKExpandTableView. - Customizable background/foreground colors and fonts. - Optional icons.

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Hackers - a Hacker News app for iPhone screenshot

Hackers - a Hacker News app for iPhone

Hackers is a beautifully elegant app for Hacker News, a social news website about tech start ups and computer hacking. Hackers focuses on the reading experience, with a simple yet beautiful UI and clean typography. It makes reading Hacker News a pleasure when you're on the go. Hackers uses the latest technology in iOS, including Storyboards, AutoLayout, and CoreText. Features • Beautiful, typography focused UI • Swipe left to go back, swipe down to close popups • Blazing fast performance • Dark theme for late night hacking • View Top, New, and Ask Hacker News posts • Collapsing and expanding of nested comments • Instapaper and Pinboard support • Remembers read posts • Built for iOS 6

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NQFoldingView screenshot


Control for ipad and iphone that is a view contain image that fold and unfold with animation and the image can be pinched

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CSColorizedProgressView screenshot


CSColorizedProgressView is a progress view that transitions a grayscale image to a full-color image.

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KLHorizontalSelect screenshot


A horizontal scrolling selector based on the control found on 8tracks' iPhone app. <p>This control is dual licensed:</p> <ul> <li><strong>- For Free,</strong> under the terms of the <a href = "">Apache 2.0 licence</li></br> <li><strong>- Commercial license,</strong> under the <a href="">Cocoa Controls commercial license agreement, v1</a> This option allows you to sell apps using the KLHorizontalSelect.</li> </ul> <br>

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PTShowcaseViewController screenshot


A "showcase" view controller for iOS apps. Visualizes images, videos and PDF files beautifully!

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Facebook Photo Picker screenshot

Facebook Photo Picker

Similar to the UIImagePickerController, FacebookPhotoPickerController lets your app's users pick photo from their Facebook albums. You can read more info about this component on at

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ABPersonViewController+Delete screenshot


ABPersonViewController category with address book contact deletion (default ABPersonViewController only allows editing, not deletion).

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BSKeyboardControls screenshot


BSKeyboardControls makes it easy to put previous, next and done buttons above the keyboard in your iPhone or iPad app. BSKeyboardControls is optimized for both iPhone and iPad and therefore fits perfectly in your universal app. For usage instructions please follow the source code link.

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LBGIFImage screenshot


LBGIFImage is a small category that creates animated UIImages from GIF images.

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UAModalPanel screenshot


UAModalPanel is an alternative modal panel that you can popup in your view controllers to show content that might not need an entire new screen to show. It works on the iPhone and iPad, with or without rotation, and is a non-ARC project.

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FaceWrapper-iphone screenshot


Wrapper class to detect faces from, you will need an API key and API Secret which you can get in This controller implements a custom object called FWObject where you can set properties to find in the image. You can search faces using REST or POST service and you can receive JSON or XML response but you always get a NSDictionary with all data, you don't have to parse the raw response. You can analyze images from the web or local images, but always as JPG files.

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LBGradient screenshot


LBGradient is "NSGradient" for iOS. I didn't feel like writing 10 lines for one gradient all the time so I wrote this.

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MultiContactsSelector screenshot


A fully customisable control to select telephone (but you can use it to select another data) as whatsapp application, it supports multiselection. Supports English and Spanish. Easy to use and customisable.

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WhirlyGlobe-Maply Component screenshot

WhirlyGlobe-Maply Component

The WhirlyGlobe-Maply Component is a self contained Objective-C framework you can use to put a 3D interactive globe or a flat map in your app. The globe can support vector data, labels, markers, shapes, and paging big, gnarly remote image data over the network. The map supports all of this as well with the same objects, similar controls and a slightly different view controller. This means you can swap in a globe or map with the same code. WhirlyGlobe-Maply is built around a small OpenGL ES rendering engine. This make it very fast and very flexible. The Component is open source and is available as a binary distribution or full source code from github.

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REVMapCluster screenshot


REVClusterMap API is a simple implementation of clustering for the iOS platform. An extra layer of functionalities that enables clustering is build on top of the MapKit Framework. With a small set of customizable settings the simple cluster algorithm provides an easy way to cluster your annotations.

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MMGridView screenshot


MMGridView is a simple grid view / dashboard like UI component for iOS.

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NoodleIPhoneTableView screenshot


An NSTableView subclass that simulates UITableView's look and feel.

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