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LinearProgressBar screenshot


A simple progress bar for iOS

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JZBorderedView screenshot


A UIView subclass with four configurable borders and separators via storyboard. Insets are configurable too. An alternative to static UITableView as Static table views are only valid when embedded ...

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MKGradientView screenshot


Gradient view for iOS Supported gradient types: - Linear (Axial) - Radial (Circular) - Conical (Angular) - Bilinear (Four Point)

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Easy Plotting screenshot

Easy Plotting

This is a modification to ZFPlotChart that includes line, bar, and scatter plot options

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SYNQueue screenshot


A simple yet powerful queueing system for iOS (with persistence)

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ZFPlotChart screenshot


Simple class to draw a line graph based on a JSON file, written in Objective-C. It comes handy when drawing price/stock changes during time.

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HACBarChart screenshot


Simple and dynamic bar graph, very easy setup and operation.

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JTChartView screenshot


JTChartView is the new lightweight and fully customizable solution to draw a curve and fill the space underneath it with a gradient. The result is a beautiful chart.

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Follower screenshot


Track trip distance, speed, altitude, and duration like a boss.

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NSTextView-LineNumberView screenshot


Add line numbers to an instance of NSTextView. The line number view is implemented as a subclass of NSRulerView.

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APOfflineReverseGeocoding screenshot


Offline reverse geocoding library written in Objective-C

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APLineChart screenshot


Fully customizable Line Chart. With a simple setup via Interface Builder you can display one or more lines.

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KMPlaceholderTextView screenshot


A UITextView subclass that adds support for multiline placeholder written in Swift.

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SingleLineTextField screenshot


A single line textfield implementation that uses the same style of the [telegram website]( - Custom text field with a single line - Place holder animation like telegram...

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DBChatAvatarView screenshot


DBChatAvatarView is a control which allow you to create group avatar such as that for a chat.

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PJRSignatureDemo screenshot


It is a UIView subclass by which you can draw signature and you can also get an image of that signature in your applications.

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PFTemplates screenshot


A scrollview similar to Instagram and 20lines app when you create new content. autoscroll on tap the element. The creation of templates is not included for copyright

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DatePickerCell screenshot


Inline/Expanding date picker for table views. Written in swift.

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timeLineiOS screenshot


Drop-in timeline control with progress animation.

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FSLineChart screenshot


A simple line chart library for iOS that is easily adjustable (size, color, line width, label displayed,...). It comes with a nice and subtle appearing animation.

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ANDLineChartView screenshot


ANDLineChartView is easy to use view-based class for displaying animated line chart. ANDLineChartView is available through CocoaPods. To install it, simply add the following line to your Podfi...

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