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BIZGrid4plus1CollectionViewLayout screenshot


BIZGrid4plus1CollectionViewLayout is a subclass of UICollectionViewLayout that creates grid with cell order: 4 small + 1 big, 4 small, 1 big + 4 small, 4 small.

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BIZPickerViewController screenshot


BIZPickerViewController is a useful picker with simple customization and handy features.

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TagListView screenshot


Simple Tag List View Container in Swift

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ResourceInstantiatable screenshot


iOS resources management framework in Swift2

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SHMultipleSelect screenshot


SHMultipleSelect is an easy-to-use multiple selection view for iOS 7.0+.

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LGFilterView screenshot


View shows and applies different filters in iOS app

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JCTagListView screenshot


Support select tags and settings tags style.

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FTMoreApps screenshot


FTMoreApps is a library created to present a view controller inside your application to show your developer page of apps. It is very similar to the App Store visual.

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DKDropMenu screenshot


DKDropMenu is a simple iOS drop down list written in Swift. It expands and collapses. It allows the user to select only one item at a time. Items are just Strings. A delegate is notified when selection occurs. DKDropMenu is IBDesignable and IBInspectable with customizable colors, font, and row heights.

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DownPicker screenshot


A lightweight DropDownList / ComboBox for iOS, written in Objective-C

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RefreshableListview screenshot


A pull-to-refresh ListView which shows a loading spinner while your data reloads.

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FSDDropdownPicker screenshot


A simple dropdown list picker for iOS

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TLTagsControl screenshot


A nice and simple tags control for iOS Nice and minimalistic design Simple to integrate, use and customize! You could see a video at

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YAScrollSegmentControl screenshot


A simple control for implementing a beautiful scrolling segment control. With adaptive gradient to tease the user to explore all the items in the list. Fully customizable either by code or using interface builder.

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CT_PopOutMenu screenshot


This control is like an UIAlertView with button icon and four basic layout.

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HTHorizontalSelectionList screenshot


A simple, horizontally-scrolling list of items that can be used as a more flexible replacement for UISegmentedControl

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WAYSourceListWindow screenshot


The WAYSourceListWindow is a NSWindow subclass, which splits the window space vertically into the master view on the left, and the detail view on the right side as known from apps like Reminders or Notes.

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CCListView screenshot


CCListView is a highly customizable sequential view container.

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ActionSheetPicker-3.0 screenshot


Quickly reproduce the dropdown UIPickerView / ActionSheet functionality from Safari on iPhone/ iOS / CocoaTouch.

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XDPopupListView screenshot


An iOS pop-up listview, like Spinner in Android. You can use it to create Android-like controls, such as Spinner or AutoCompleteTextView, for your iOS project. It's under MIT license, so help yourself and have fun.

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AKTagsInputView screenshot


A convenient input view for seek and selecting, and writing tags data. Features: * write your own tags * forbidden symbols settings * space or comma separation * lookup-like accessory input view * fast seek by first letters

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