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Follower screenshot


Track trip distance, speed, altitude, and duration like a boss.

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ASFloatingHeadersFlowLayout screenshot


High performance implementation of CollectionView Flow Layout for Sticky/Floating headers behavior like in table view. Used new iOS7/8 features with partial invalidation.

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YRCoverFlowLayout screenshot


Simple cover animation flow layout for collection view.

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JSQDataSourcesKit (Swift) screenshot

JSQDataSourcesKit (Swift)

Type-safe, value-oriented data source objects that keep your view controllers light. Written in Swift. Data sources for UITableView, UICollectionView, and NSFetchedResultsController.

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StatusFlow screenshot


StatusFlow is an iOS implementation of a simple to use UICollectionView intended to show meaningful status that is animated and beautiful. It displays the current, previous, and next items in a li...

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JHGlowView screenshot


Custom progress view with glow effect.

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Summflower screenshot


A Swift implementation of Summly's sharing control.

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SACollectionViewVerticalScalingFlowLayout screenshot


SACollectionViewVerticalScalingFlowLayout applies scaling up or down effect to appearing or disappearing cells. In addition, animation of UIDynamics applies each cell.

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FBLikeLayout screenshot


This is an UICollectionView layout inspired by the photo section of facebook. This layout loads squared items with randomic full size items. It works with standard layout delegate methods. No addit...

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PVParrotFlowerPower screenshot


Parrot Flower Power sensor web API wrapper for iOS

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ZLBalancedFlowLayout screenshot


A UICollectionViewFlowLayout subclass that scales items to take up space, optimized for large item set, inspired by NHBalancedFlowLayout.

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MONUniformFlowLayout screenshot


A simple flow layout the handles the arrangement of the items in a collection view uniformly based on the given number of columns, height of the item, inter item spacing, header height, and footer ...

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RAReorderableLayout screenshot


A UICollectionView layout which you can move items with drag and drop.

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ZLMusicFlowWaveView screenshot


A ZLSinusWaveView subclass inspired by 乐流/MusicFlow

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HTKDragAndDropCollectionViewLayout screenshot


UICollectionViewLayout subclass that works together with a custom UICollectionViewCell to provide drag and drop for a UICollectionView. Works just like UITableView drag and drop. What's unique abou...

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MYNStickyFlowLayout screenshot


Drop-in sticky headers and footers for UICollectionView.

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RSDayFlow screenshot


A nice smooth infinite scrolling monthly calendar component called RSDayFlow. Some of the features of this calender component include a clean flat style that fits better with iOS 7 and iOS 8, and ...

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CFCoverFlowView screenshot


CFCoverFlowView is a CoverFlow view with PagingEnabled similar to App Store for iPad.

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MZBookshelfCollectionViewLayout screenshot


Bookshelf like iBooks layout for UICollectionView.

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CCHexagonFlowLayout screenshot


UICollectionView layout for both horizontal and vertical management of hexagonal cells

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MVFollow screenshot


MVFollow is a lightweight drop-in solution that allows you to follow people on Twitter.

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SECollectionViewFlowLayout screenshot


A flow layout for UICollectionView that implements swiping to select multiple cells

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LGBluetooth screenshot


Simple, block-based, lightweight library over CoreBluetooth. Will clean up your Core Bluetooth related code.

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SlowMotionVideoRecorder screenshot


**120 fps SLO-MO video recorder** using AVFoundation. - Including convenient wrapper class. - Available on the iPhone5s. Example for the slow motion video:

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FBGlowLabel screenshot


Label UI which supports glow effect

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