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AWNavigationMenuItem screenshot


Navigation Menu for iOS. Support string and attributed string for menu items.

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ZoomTransitioning screenshot


ZoomTransitioning provides a custom transition with image zooming animation. When you use this library with UINavigationController, you can pop view controller with edge swiping.

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UITextField-Navigation screenshot


UITextField-Navigation adds next, previous and done buttons to the keyboard for your UITextFields and UITextViews. It allows you to specify a next field either on the Interface Builder or programma...

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EVWDropDownNotification screenshot


A simple but yet powerful Swift Dropdown Notification for iOS inspired by AlvaroFranco but rewritten in Swift 2.2 and extended to offer much more customisation

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MKDropdownMenu screenshot


Dropdown Menu for iOS with many customizable parameters to suit any needs

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SwiflyOverlay screenshot


Yet another full screen navigation component, this time written in swift.

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Localide screenshot


Localide is an easy helper to offer users a personalized experience by using their favorite installed apps for directions.

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AGNavigationBarShape screenshot


AGNavigationBarShape is a library in Swift that allows you to custom navigation bar with severals availables shapes.

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SloppySwipingNav screenshot


NavigationController that provides Sloppy Swiping.

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VeeContactPicker screenshot


A replacement for the (bugged) iOS ABPeoplePickerNavigationController, with contacts' images

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Elimination Menu screenshot

Elimination Menu

Some kind of dropdown/up menu that eliminates all values which were not selected.

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Compass screenshot


Compass helps you setup a central navigation system for your application

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GmailStyleAnimation screenshot


This demonstrate the profile presentation and animation of image and user details into navigationbar

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CCNNavigationController screenshot


An Mac OS X Navigation Controller that acts mostly like the counter part on iOS - UINavigationController.

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HMGLNavigationController screenshot


Custom UINavigationController subclass that includes HMGLTransitions (3D) animations.

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AZExpandableIconListView screenshot


An expandable/collapsible view that holds an array of UIImageView written in Swift.

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NavGrid screenshot


iOS Grid-Style Navigation Controller with swipe navigation

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BIZCircularTransition screenshot


BIZCircularTransition is a round transition between UIViewControllers.

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BIZActivityButton screenshot


BIZActivityButton is a subclass of UIButton with activity indicator that can be used to show some processing.

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BIZCountNavigationItem screenshot


BIZCountNavigationItem is a subclass of UIBarButtonItem that adds count label with animated updates.

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KMNavigationBarTransition screenshot


A drop-in universal library makes transition animations smooth between different navigation bar styles while pushing or popping a view controller. And you don't need to write any line of code for i...

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KYNavigationProgress screenshot


Simple extension of UINavigationController to display progress on the UINavigationBar.

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KBKit screenshot


Classes to extend UIKit navigation using key commands.

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AZDropdownMenu screenshot


A simple dropdown menu component for iOS written in Swift. The code used in the screencast are included in the sample project bundled with the repository.

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TCTitleLoading screenshot


This is a loading in the bottom of navigation bar title area.

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