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TableForm screenshot


Programmatically use of TableView to create data entry forms for iOS

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DTFont screenshot


DynamicTypeFont helper. Easy creation, custom font, auto update etc.

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CustomKeyboardTextField screenshot


Provides easy way to make TextField with custom keyboards.

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PLCurrencyTextField screenshot


UITextField that support currency in the right way.

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ACFloatingTextFIeld screenshot


Textfield thats float the Placeholders. This Control is available in Objective C and Swift as well.

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UITextField-Navigation screenshot


UITextField-Navigation adds next, previous and done buttons to the keyboard for your UITextFields and UITextViews. It allows you to specify a next field either on the Interface Builder or programmatically. Then, you can access next and previous fields of each UITextField/UITextView easily.

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SMFloatingLabelTextField screenshot


A subclass of UITextField that displays floating placeholder

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JQSwiftIcon screenshot


Add icons to your project without moving a finger. JQSwiftIcon uses string interpolation to replace placeholders on text and replaces them with icons

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LUNField screenshot


Animated, adaptive textfield group with validation. You can specify the count of textfields and their relative sizes.

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MACustomKeyboard-iOS screenshot


A Simple custom Numeric Keyboard written in Objective C. You can handle it either blocks or delegate.

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HideShowPasswordTextField screenshot


An easy to use UITextField subclass that adds a visibility toggle and an optional validation checkmark

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SearchTextField screenshot


UITextField subclass with autocompletion suggestions list

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SkyFloatingLabelTextField screenshot


A beautiful and flexible text field control implementation of "Float Label Pattern", written in Swift. As used in the Skyscanner TravelPro iOS app.

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Caishen screenshot


A Payment Card UI & Validator for iOS

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Baggage screenshot


Simplifying work with clipboard in iOS.

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SKFormTextField screenshot


Custom UITextField/UITextView container with field validation, description text and more

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UIKeyboardLikePickerTextField screenshot


UITextField with UIPicker instead of keyboard as input view. Same as the Picker when you tap to a dropdown in Safari iOS.

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TJTextField screenshot


Features: Add image in UITextField, Left text pending, Underline whole UITextField, Show Error by different colour underline, Custom placeholder color, You can change the design of button within your Storyboard or XIB.

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TECustomTextField screenshot


Custom text field with options to change placeholder color, right & left side image options in interface builder.

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LoginScreen screenshot


The project contain an login screen which was developed as test project, and then little bit modified and improved. The Login screen contain few UITextField for input login and password, three button for sign in via facebook/twitter/google plus (further in the text as the 'social btns'). If user tapped any text field, social btns will be hidden. Instead social btns will be showed button 'SIGN IN', for apply inputted data. All changes are animated. If tapped any social btns - will be hidden text fields, and instead showed brief info about selected account (avatar and user name). All changes are also animated. In this project represented only animation, little bit customizing UITextField appearance, and handling user interactions.

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AutocompleteField screenshot


Add word completion to your UITextFields. <br> Blog post and instructions:

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