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CTSlidingUpPanel screenshot


Transforms any view to sliding up panel

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BPBlockActivityIndicator screenshot


BPBlockActivityIndicator is a clean and easy-to-use Activity Indicator meant to display the progress of an ongoing task on iOS.

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LPSnackbar screenshot


A flexible and easy to use Snackbar control for iOS.

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AZDialogViewController screenshot


A highly customizable alert dialog controller that mimics Snapchat's alert dialog.

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PMSuperButton screenshot


PMSuperButton is a powerful UIButton coming from the countryside, but with super powers! 😎 A easy way to create custom and complex buttons with custom attributes, directly added to the iOS Interface Builder, very easy to integrate in every project! The library allow you to use all the features of standard UIButton with a lot of new cool features, customizable from Storyboard or from code. Top 100 Coolest Super Powers: - Edit everything directly from storyboard or code 😏 - Change border color, width - Customize the corner radius - Set a gradient background - Edit everything about the shadows: color, opacity, offset - Animations when the button is highlighted 🤗 - Animations when the button is selected - Ripple tap effect, where you can edit ripple color and ripple speed (like a Google Material button) 😮 - Toggle functionality - Image View content mode and alpha - Touch up inside closure 🤠 - Loader 🤜🤛 - and many more

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Cupcake screenshot


An easy way to create and layout UI components for iOS (Swift version).

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RichNotifications screenshot


RichNotifications are a Fascinating feature in iOS 10. It has:- Push Rich notification. Use service extension(Notification Service extension) for default view and use Notification Content extension for make custom notification view. Make sure that notification payload contains: mutable-content = 1 in the aps dictionary. this contains all types of fun like Image, GIF, Audio, Video. Make sure that Image <= 10 MB, Audio <= 5 MB, Video <= 50 MB. . for silent notifications Make sure that notification payload contains: mutable-content = 1 in the aps dictionary. Also, Payload does n't contain Alert/Badge/Sound. Make Actionable Notifications by using Category. Local Notifications . Use UNMutableNotificationContent for make notification. . schedule notification using UNCalendarNotification trigger, UNTimeIntervalNotificationTrigger. . Make Actionable Notiifciations by using Category. P.S. - Make sure that Actionable Notification identifier should be identical. Put your bundle identifier and development team in General Tab. It also includes supports for multiple targets.

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PGViewAnimationable-Swift screenshot


Simple View Animation Protocol. it provide view(self) animations ( fade / up / down / left / right )

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AMTooltip screenshot


Simple and easy library to show tooltip in iOS

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TinyConstraints screenshot


TinyConstraints is the syntactic sugar that makes Auto Layout sweeter for human use.

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BRCircularProgressBar screenshot


It shows circular progress for multi purpose like download, upload and timer progress.

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LoginKit screenshot


LoginKit is a quick and easy way to add a Login/Signup UX to your iOS app.

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ISParseBind screenshot


Setup your class structure in Xcode Interface Builder and save() in Parse Server.

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CRNotifications screenshot


Custom in-app notifications with animated slide-in. CocoaPods and manual install supported.

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SRPopView screenshot


SRPopview is a simple drag and drop custom popview

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ATDraggableDynamicView screenshot


Draggable view for implementing notifications cards like in Swarm application. Uses UIKit Dynamics for simulating physics. Please see animation demo GIF in source repo.

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KUIPopupController screenshot


Simple Popup ContentView in iOS

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Login Screen in Swift 4 screenshot

Login Screen in Swift 4

<a href=">iOS Login Screen written in Swift 4</a> - Login with Email & Password, Facebook, and Twitter.

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ContactHelperSwift3 screenshot


ContactHelperSwift3 contains Fetch, Delete, Add and Update Contact Functionality

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AANotifier screenshot


AANotifier allows you to create UIView based fragments to be appear on screen at runtime in iOS, written in Swift.

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APSGroupedTableView screenshot


A beautiful looking table view that can create a grouping of rows to group similar items together

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