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RBParallaxTableViewController screenshot


Simple demo app inspired by Path 2.0's use of a parallax effect in conjunction with a UITableView.

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LayoutScrollView screenshot


A layout ScrollView / ViewController pair that implements iOS5 containment and allows for swiping between multiple top level root view controllers. Implements Android style app navigation on iOS.

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PTShowcaseViewController screenshot


A "showcase" view controller for iOS apps. Visualizes images, videos and PDF files beautifully!

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PTImageAlbumViewController screenshot


An image scrubber-managing view controller, just like in by Apple on the iPad.

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ECSlidingViewController screenshot


ECSlidingViewController is a view controller container for iOS that presents its child view controllers in two layers. It provides functionality for sliding the top view to reveal the views underneath it. This functionality is inspired by the Path 2.0 and Facebook iPhone apps.

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AGImagePickerController screenshot


AGImagePickerController is a image picker controller that allows you to select multiple photos and can be used for all iOS devices.

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SFContainerViewController screenshot


SFContainerViewController is a UIViewController subclass that can have multiple UIViewController children. It has no memory problems, if this controller is not visible, it will unload its view and all of his children views as you would expect from normal UIViewController. From the children view you can use freely navigationController, parentViewController ( will point to container itself ), interfaceOrientation. In children controllers you do not to handle special cases, or call special functions, 'it just works'.

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JBTabBarController screenshot


JBTabBarController aims to be a drop-in replacement of UITabBarController, but with the intention of letting developers easily customise its appearance. JBTabBar uses images for all UI elements except for the labels on TabBar items. This gives the Developer/Designer the freedom to customise the all aspects of the TabBar. In particular, the selected and unselected images for each TabBar item can be specified and are full colour images not clipping masks. The included example attempts to emulate the standard UITabBar design provided by Apple. The layer styles used to create the TabBar images in Photoshop are in the Extras folder. The project uses ARC and targets iOS 4.0+ devices.

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SJNotificationViewController screenshot


Dead-simple in-app notifications. Notifications slide up from the bottom of whatever view they're attached to and slide back down when you or the user are done with them. Great for indicating that something is happening (a feed is being refreshed, for example) or that something has just happened (there was an error sending something, for example) without throwing up a UIAlertView. You can customise the notification text, the notification level (which affects the background color of the notification — red for error, blue for message, and green for success), the target/selector that's fired when the user taps the notification, and whether or not the notification has a spinner.

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PageViewController screenshot


PageViewController implements a container UIViewControler, controlling the navigation between child UIViewController with UIPageControl.

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ABPersonViewController+Delete screenshot


ABPersonViewController category with address book contact deletion (default ABPersonViewController only allows editing, not deletion).

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JCMSegmentedPageController screenshot


Custom container view controller for iOS5 that functions similarly to a UITabBarController, but the way to switch tabs is through a UISegmentedControl on top. Demo included.

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TSMiniWebBrowser screenshot


In-app web browser for iOS. There are already some solutions to this problem out there but non of them offers this features. First, this solution solves the well-known UIWebView bug that causes erratic behavior when combining "zooming operations" and "landscape orientation". Moreover, the solution presented is highly customizable. TSMiniWebBrowser offers the following features: - Back and forward buttons - Reload button (optional) - Activity indicator while page is loading - Action button to open the current page in Safari (optional) - Displays the page title at the navigation bar (optional) - Displays the current URL at the top of the “Open in Safari” action sheet (optional) - Customizable bar style: default, black, black translucent. As you can see, there are some items that are “optional”. That means that you can configure the browser to display or not those items, depending on your app needs. Moreover, TSMiniWebBrowser supports 2 presentation modes: - Navigation controller mode. Using this mode you can push the browser to your navigation controller. - Modal mode. Using this mode you can present the browser modally. A title bar with a dismiss button will be automatically added.

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KNPathTableViewController screenshot


KNPathTableViewController is an UITableViewController with an customizable overlay panel that shows up when you scroll, inspired by Path app. It is meant to be simple and flexible that can be easily extended to suit your need. Visit the github link for more screenshots and demo video.

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IIViewDeckController screenshot


This class largely implements the sliding views found in the Path 2.0 and Facebook apps. The ViewDeckController supports sideview in all directions (left, right, top, bottom), in any combination: you can leave any of them nil for example. You can pan the center view to the side to reveal any side view. Provides a delegate to control panning, opening and closing side views. There's also a bunch of messages defined to open or close each side appropriately. Integrates nicely with UINavigationController. Handles rotation and resizing.

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JGMediaPicker screenshot


For everyone who has pulled their hair out trying to use MPMediaPickerController! This is a replacement library for MPMediaPickerController. It provides a user interface that is much closer to that of the Music player app that comes installed with iOS while providing some enhancements like indexed table views. A demo of how to use the library can be found at

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PKRevealController screenshot


Introducing PKRevealController 2 - The second version of one of the most popular view controller containers for iOS, enabling you to present multiple controllers on top of one another. It is easy to set-up and highly flexible.

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Web Browser View Controller screenshot

Web Browser View Controller

iPhone apps often have the need to show a web page, and the easiest way to implement this is to have the page opened in Safari. The problem with this, is that now your customer is stuck in Safari, and they might not know how to get back into your app. This project gives you all the boilerplate code you need to create a smooth experience opening web pages within your app, and seamlessly get back with one click. - Opening a URL from within a method – useful for opening links triggered by a UIButton or UITableView. - Opening a URL from within a UITextView – useful for links embedded within text strings that UITextView can automatically identify and turn into clickable hyperlinks. - Opening a URL from within a UIWebView – useful for when you are using a UIWebView to render formatted text in your application with hyperlinks. You can still open a URL in Safari if you would like, using: [(MyApplication*)[UIApplication sharedApplication] openURL:url forceOpenInSafari:YES];

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DETweetComposeViewController screenshot


An iOS 4 compatible version of the TWTweetComposeView controller. Otherwise known as the Tweet Sheet.

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MHTabBarController screenshot


This is a custom container view controller for iOS 5 that works just like a regular UITabBarController, except the tabs are at the top and look different. It uses the new iOS 5 view controller containment APIs.

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COPeoplePickerViewController screenshot


Re-implementation of the email address picker of iCal (work in progress). Currently supports only email picking but can be easily extended.

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