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RAMAnimatedTabBarController screenshot


RAMAnimatedTabBarController is a Swift module for adding animation to tabbar items.

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JTSlideShadowAnimation screenshot


A shadow animation effect for iOS

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JTNumberScrollAnimatedView screenshot


A scroll animation for display number for iOS

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FCVerticalMenu screenshot


A simple and fully customizable vertical menu.

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Sphere Menu Swift Port screenshot

Sphere Menu Swift Port

A port of itouch2's SphereMenu to Swift

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GiFHUD screenshot


progress hud for displaying only animated gif images. no labels (for now)

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VBFPopFlatButton screenshot


Flat button with 9 different states and 2 styles animated using POP

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JMAnimatedImageView screenshot


Subclass of UIImageView to drive easy animations (manual rotation, Carousel, etc).

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CBZSplashView screenshot


A drop in animated splash screen as seen on the current twitter app. Add your icon and background color. It does the rest.

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DSDynamicScrollView screenshot


iOS component for building dynamic and animated UIScrollView.

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btSimpleRippleButton screenshot


This is a custom button for iOS with a ripple effect. It is simple to integrate and is customizable. Supports a callback using blocks.

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ASProgressPopUpView screenshot


A progress view showing percentage complete in an easy to customize animated popup view. If you supply an array of UIColors, the popup view will animate the color change as the progress bar updates.

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UzysAnimatedGifPullToRefresh screenshot


Add PullToRefresh using animated GIF to any scrollView with just simple code Please Check UzysAnimatedGifLoadMore

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AnimatedTransitionGallery screenshot


A gallery app of custom animated transitions for iOS 7.

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ASValueTrackingSlider screenshot


A UISlider subclass that displays live values in an easy to customize, animated popup view. If you supply an array of UIColors, the popup view will animate the color change as the slider moves.

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ASOAnimatedButton screenshot


A storyboard-friendly library to animate button to have a two-state or bounce effect. One of the possible implementations of those effects is it can be used to build a menu buttons such as the one implemented in Android version of Tumblr App.

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RSTransitionEffect screenshot


Re-implement mayuur's [MJTransitionEffect]( and provide default data binding for UITableViewCell and detail view controller and solve the white screen problem. All images, data source are taken from mayuur's MJTransitionEffect. My implementation introduces source frames and target frames for RSTransitionEffectViewController, provide basic data item and data item -> view binding and frame calucations. 1. RSBasicItem, data item for UITableViewCell, contains text, detailText, image. 2. UITableView category, provides cell itself, textLabel, detailTextLabel, imageView frames' conversion to absolute screen coordinate. 3. RSTransitionEffectViewController, provides data binding, animations, etc. In the sample it demonstrates the relationship and usage between list -> item -> detail. In storyboard, create a detail view controller which subclassing RSTransitionEffectViewController, and link predefined IBOutlets to current views then in UITableViewDelegate, instantiate the view controller defined in storyboard and pass sourceFrames and current list item to it: - (void)tableView:(UITableView *)tableView didSelectRowAtIndexPath:(NSIndexPath *)indexPath { [tableView deselectRowAtIndexPath:indexPath animated:NO]; RSDetailViewController *viewController = [self.storyboard instantiateViewControllerWithIdentifier:@"detail"]; viewController.sourceFrames = [tableView framesForRowAtIndexPath:indexPath]; viewController.item = [self.items objectAtIndex:[indexPath row]]; [self.navigationController pushViewController:viewController animated:NO]; } and that's all, the new detail view controller will display with beautiful transition effect.

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TJLBarButtonMenu screenshot


A simple 3 button menu with a nice presentation and dismissal animation that is meant to be launched from a bar button item.

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TJLButtonView screenshot


A view with buttons arranged in a circle pattern that animate out from the center.

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JTOpenDoorAnimatedViewController screenshot


A single View Controller that mimics the startup animation of the AskKing Quizz app. Requires XCode 4.5. iOS 4.3 and above

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Animated-TableViewCell screenshot


A example project with Animated Cells In this example, I created a customCell1 which demonstrate that how the animated call user to subclass and customize their own tableViewCell. Add everything into the atcContentView in cell, configue it's height then you can use the defined animated. Animated Cell provides push animation from 4 directions and pop out animation.

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