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ASMapLauncher screenshot


ASMapLauncher is a library for iOS written in Swift that helps navigation with various mapping applications.

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ContactsWrapper screenshot


Contacts wrapper for iOS 9 or upper.

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CalendarPopUp screenshot


CalendarPopUp - JTAppleCalendar library

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RapidLogger screenshot


Rapid Logger captures all the log and able to display in device with neat UI.

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InAppPurchaseButton screenshot


A simple and customisable in-app purchase button, written in Swift.

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Luminous screenshot


Luminous gives you all the system information you need!

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Import screenshot


Xcode extension for adding imports from anywhere in the code ☝️

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MagicMapper screenshot


Super light and easy automatic JSON to model mapper.

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NRMirror screenshot


NRMirror helps you to sync your models with web service response or any input dictionary and. So its work like a object mapper for your project. So dont worry about manually mapping your model ob...

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AppIconAutoMaker screenshot


Create icons for apple products(ios, Apple Watch, Mac etc.) automatically.

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Salada screenshot


Salad is a Model for Firebase database. It can handle Snapshot of Firebase easily.

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ConvertCurrency screenshot


An iOS app for converting currencies written in Swift3

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Pokémon Weakness iOS app screenshot

Pokémon Weakness iOS app

Source code for Pokémon Weakness iOS application :rocket:

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BRImagePicker (Whatsapp type Image picker) screenshot

BRImagePicker (Whatsapp type Image picker)

Choose multiple images from gallery. You can perform "Cropping" and you can add "Caption" as well for each selected image. You can select up to 10 images at a time.

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OnboardingKit screenshot


A simple and interactive framework for making iOS onboarding experience easy and fun!

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CollectionViewShelfLayout screenshot


A UICollectionViewLayout subclass displays its items as rows of items similar to the App Store Feature tab without a nested UITableView/UICollectionView hack. You can use a single data source for a...

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App Rating Alert screenshot

App Rating Alert

Show an alert to the users rate your app. But if they rate 3 stars or less, they only recive a "Thank you alert", however if they rate 4 o 5 stars, they will be redirected to the App Store. FUNC...

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DPSegmentedControl screenshot


Custom segmented control with image and text. There are 2 option for horizontal or vertical position inside segmented view (image & text). It's fully animated.

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Camera app template screenshot

Camera app template

Sample camera app template with dedicated tutorial UI & all the necessary utilities to start your next iOS camera project for iPhone or iPad.

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ISHPullUp screenshot


Vertical split view controller with pull up gesture as seen in the iOS 10 Maps app

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SparkButton screenshot


Demonstrates the Like button animation just like the one from the FB's Paper App.

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Localide screenshot


Localide is an easy helper to offer users a personalized experience by using their favorite installed apps for directions.

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AKHappySwitch screenshot


AKHappySwitch with Swift 2.2 I found a shot on dribble ( So I have tried to create this switch with Swift - iOS. It's not perfect as dribble shot but I...

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Thor screenshot


Open the right application ASAP.

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TVKit screenshot


UI components for tvOS

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