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CHCircleGaugeView screenshot


A configurable chart that depicts the value of a measurement using a subtle animation.

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DrawCircleFrame screenshot


Small framework which animates a line drawn around your custom text. My intention was to focus user attention on a button.

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CircleStatus screenshot


View showing circular chart with customisable number and range of colours on outer ring with background transparency/colours configuration. There is also an option to show legend. You can customise...

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DKCircleButton screenshot


Flat circle button with sonar tap animation similar to iOS dial / passcode. pod 'DKCircleButton'

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JWGCircleCounter screenshot


A handy counter & view that counts down with a circular animation.

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ResizableMKCircleOverlay screenshot


A resizable map overlay.

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AWCollectionViewDialLayout screenshot


UICollectionViewLayout for displaying cells in a semi-circle with a nice fish eye effect. Very handy for quickly browsing items with your left thumb without having some of the content hidden beh...

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XMCircleType screenshot


XMCircleTypeView is a UIView that allows you to display an NSString as a cicular text. Is will take font kerning into account, so no weird spacings.

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BMInitialsPlaceholderView screenshot


Circular placeholder view with text similar to iMessage

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HUChart screenshot


A simple (but the first) semi circle chart (half pie chart) for iOS to draw semi-circle chart for some cases which has a LITTLE SPACE to make a full circle chart.

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KAProgressLabel screenshot


Minimal circular progress view.

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PieChart screenshot


Simple and elegant pie chart for iOS applications

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GBPathImageView screenshot


With this class, you can get images in the circles or squares with the border.

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KLCircleViewController screenshot


Organizes up to 4 UIViewController subclasses into a 'T' Shaped formation where a user can either toggle the various state transitions programatically or by swiping. The control is a clone of the C...

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CFShareCircle screenshot


CFShareCircle is a very hip sharing widget for iOS developers. Feel free to fork and edit it yourself, but let me know what you think.

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KYCircleMenu screenshot


An open source iOS UI control that allows you to build a circular menu by laying out buttons in a circle pattern adjusting from the number of buttons (1 ~ 6). B.t.w, this control is separated fr...

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CircleView screenshot


A demonstration of how to scroll UITableViewCells in a circular pattern.

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DCKnob screenshot


iOS rotary knob control. All custom drawing, no images, highly customizable.

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