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SwiftDate screenshot


Easy NSDate Management in Swift (both for iOS and OSX)

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ASFloatingHeadersFlowLayout screenshot


High performance implementation of CollectionView Flow Layout for Sticky/Floating headers behavior like in table view. Used new iOS7/8 features with partial invalidation.

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NMDatePicker screenshot


NSDatePicker replacement allowing for appearance customisation.

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KDEDateLabel screenshot


KDEDateLabel is an UILabel subclass that updates itself to make time ago's format easier.

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ATAppUpdater screenshot


Checks if there is a newer version of your app in the AppStore and alerts the user to update the app. - One line of code - Milliseconds response - Thread-safe - Shows version number in alert ...

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Tempo screenshot


Date and time manager for iOS/OSX written in Swift

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UIView-UpdateAutoLayoutConstraints screenshot


An easy way to create and update AutoLayout Constraints (Mainly to update Width and Height of UIView)

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JPSymfonyDateConverter screenshot


JPSymfonyDateConverter is a simple Objective-C library who convert a string date from JSON or XML Symfony 2 API to NSString or NSDate with your format choice.

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DayDatePickerView screenshot


A custom and extensively customizable UIDatePicker which displays the day of week alongside the day of month component. Designed to solve the following problems:

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HSDatePickerViewController screenshot


HSDatePickerViewController is an iOS 8 ViewController for date and time picking, based on awesome look&feel of Dropbox Mailbox application with some customization options.

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BFKit screenshot


BFKit is a collection of useful classes to <strong>develop Apps faster</strong>. If you are looking for <strong>Swift</strong> version check it out here: <strong><a href="https://www.cocoacontro...

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PickerDemo screenshot


Domo Contains: 1)UITextField inputView as UIDatePicker 2)UITextField inputView as UIPickerView

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JTCalendar screenshot


A customizable calendar view for iOS.

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DatePickerCell screenshot


Inline/Expanding date picker for table views. Written in swift.

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ActionSheetPicker-3.0 screenshot


Quickly reproduce the dropdown UIPickerView / ActionSheet functionality from Safari on iPhone/ iOS / CocoaTouch.

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BKMoneyKit screenshot


iOS UI controls and formatters for entering money, credit card number and expiry date.

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THCalendarDatePicker screenshot


A DatePicker based on a custom calendar view.

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AFDateHelper screenshot


Convenience extension for NSDate in Swift.

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BKCardExpiryField screenshot


iOS control for credit card expiration date input.

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RSDayFlow screenshot


A nice smooth infinite scrolling monthly calendar component called RSDayFlow. Some of the features of this calender component include a clean flat style that fits better with iOS 7 and iOS 8, and ...

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NSDate-Extension screenshot


Use NSDate-Extension to handle NSDate objects easily. [[NSDate date] get:@(8).days.ago];

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TMConsecutiveDayHelper screenshot


A pretty basic implementation to help keep track of a users streak of days where he/she has launched your app. The component uses NSUserDefaults to keep track of the dates. It also makes use of ...

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What's New screenshot

What's New

Easily present the latest changes and features to your users on app updates.

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DIDatepicker screenshot


Yet another datepicker for iOS.

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iMessageStyleReveal screenshot


Provides a plug and play solution for adding pull to reveal info along side your UITableView's.

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