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BFPaperTableViewCell screenshot


A subclass of UITableViewCell for iOS inspired by Google's Paper Material Design.

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BFPaperButton screenshot


iOS Buttons inspired by Google's Paper Material Design

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BFPaperColors screenshot


Flat colors taken from Google's Material Design: Paper.

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GoogleWearAlert (Swift) screenshot

GoogleWearAlert (Swift)

An Android Wear style animated confirmation view for iOS - Written in Swift This library is not intended as fully fledged alert view replacement (it has no buttons) this confirmation view is ideal for giving a success/fail/done/posted etc confirmation to the user.

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LPGoogleFunctions screenshot


LPGoogleFunctions is an iOS library that provides easy access to certain Google API functions.

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GTTranslationAPI screenshot


GoogleTranslationAPI is an Objective-C wrapper for calling the Google Translate API v2.

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DZNPhotoPickerController screenshot


A photo search/picker for iOS 7 similar to UIImagePickerControl, using popular providers like 500px, Flickr and many others.

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iOS-WebP screenshot


Image encoding and decoding based on Google's WebP format.

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P2MSRoutingView screenshot


A simple and quick way to integrate MapView and directions in the application.

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ARChromeActivity screenshot


A UIActivity subclass that opens URLs in Google Chrome

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NZGoogleAnalytics screenshot


Facilitates the use of Google Analytics API for iOS.

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ICViewPager screenshot


A tab view that mimics ActionBarSherlock's FragmentsTabsPager and Google Play app's tab management.

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RSCardsView screenshot


This project clones the card inserting animation, card exchange animation and provides UITableView alike APIs for data sourcing and delegating. All your needs are importing all files under 'Cards View', implementing single card views and implementing delegating and data souring in controller. See the sample for more information.

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MVYSideMenu screenshot


iOS Side Menu based on Google+ iPhone app.

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GLGooglePlusLikeLayout screenshot


GLGooglePlusLikeLayout is custom layout based on UICollectionView which can be used to show the data based on their content-size and by maintaining the row linear, unlike waterflow style layout. Inspired by GooglePlus.

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POVoiceHUD screenshot


POVoiceHUD is a HUD for voice recording on iOS devices with Google Translate Voice Input like interface.

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UIColor+MLPFlatColors screenshot


UIColor+MLPFlatColors is a category for UIColor that adds class methods to conveniently produce 20 new colors designed for flat or semi-flat interface designs. It also adds some methods for choosing a random color out of these new colors, and a macro for converting hex values to an RGB color. Unlike the colors given by the default convenience methods in UIColor, these colors are more suitable as a foundation for real world themes.

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TRAutocompleteView screenshot


Autocomplete view attachable to any UITextField. Ships with Google Maps items source and sample cell factory. Can be configured to autocomplete from any source, supports custom cell factory for advanced look customizations. Auto fits all available space, works on iPad and iPhone, supports all orientations

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HMSegmentedControl screenshot


A drop-in replacement for UISegmentedControl mimicking the style of the segmented control used in Google Currents.

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ClassicMap screenshot


Google Maps are back on iOS 6. This app shows how to use alternate tile providers on iOS.

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SPGooglePlacesAutocomplete screenshot


SPGooglePlacesAutocomplete is a simple objective-c wrapper around the Google Places Autocomplete API. The API can be used to provide autocomplete functionality for text-based geographic searches, by returning Places such as businesses, addresses, and points of interest as a user types. SPGooglePlacesAutocomplete also provides support for converting Place results into CLPlacemark objects for easy mapping with MKMapView.

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