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UINavigationBarAdjustableTint screenshot


A subclass of UINavigationBar that allows you to control the level of tint brightness that is applied to the tintColor

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THLabel screenshot


THLabel is a subclass of UILabel, which additionally allows shadow blur, inner shadow, stroke text and fill gradient.

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MRSubtleButton screenshot


A subtle gradient button derived from NSView.

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TLTiltHighlightView screenshot


A horizontal gradient which adjusts its appearance based on the positional attitude of an iOS device.

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LDGradientButton screenshot


LDGradientButton is meant to be a replacement for the Apple stock UIButton. It can easily be created either programmatically or with the Storyboard. It also supports the UIAppearence protocol for setting the tint color.

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NVUIGradientButton screenshot


A beautiful customizable iOS button with gradient.

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FTWButton screenshot


FTWButton is a UIControl subclass that lets you easily set color, gradient, text, and icon properties for various states and animates between them.

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MKGradientButton screenshot


A simple UIButton subclass with a linear gradient. The button also supplies an optional in-view activity indicator.

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AngleGradientLayer screenshot


AngleGradientLayer is a CALayer implementation of angle gradient.

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MOOMaskedIconView screenshot


Draw scalable icons of different styles with a single PDF or image. If you're sick of maintaining tons of image files for @2x displays, different colors, or highlighted/unhighlighted states, this is your answer. Check out the README for examples:

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YmsGradientButton screenshot


iOS UIButton subclass featuring plist configured bitmap-free gradients.

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LBGradient screenshot


LBGradient is "NSGradient" for iOS. I didn't feel like writing 10 lines for one gradient all the time so I wrote this.

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XMGradientPanel screenshot


A drop-in Gradient Panel for Mac apps that works much like NSColorPanel.

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LBSegmentedButton screenshot


This is a button looking similar to the twitter buttons used in the twitter client for mac. It allows you to merge several buttons.

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MyStyledView screenshot


A generic styled view class for rendering simple graphics on the desktop. Styling is exposed through properties on the view. It has support for a fill color and gradient, with the gradient composited on top, and individual properties for top and bottom edges, as well as highlights. The left and right edges have gradient properties instead of colors. It also supports drawing inner shadows thanks to Sean Patrick-O’Brien and his awesome bezier path category. And I recently added support for stretchable background images exposed through a leftCapWidth and topCapHeight property.

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OBGradientView screenshot


OBGradientView is a simple UIView wrapper for CAGradientLayer. It is a plain UIView whose layer is a CAGradientLayer. It is useful if using a view is more convenient than using a layer, e.g. because you want to use autoresizing masks.

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Gloss-Caustic Shader screenshot

Gloss-Caustic Shader

Reproduces the oft-seen glossy gradient effect.

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Gradient View screenshot

Gradient View

Easily create gradients with optional borders and insets.

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