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Google Material Design Icons screenshot

Google Material Design Icons

Material Design Icons are the official open-source icons featured in the Google Material Design specification. What's included? * SVG versions of all icons in both 24px and 48px flavours * SVG and CSS sprites of all icons * 1x, 2x icons targeted at the Web (PNG) * 1x, 2x, 3x icons targeted at iOS (PNG) * Hi-dpi versions of all icons (hdpi, mdpi, xhdpi, xxhdpi, xxxhdpi) (PNG) [A live preview of the icon set is available](

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Stencils screenshot


Speedup your iOS app development using icon fonts

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DDHTimerControl screenshot


A UIControl subclass to input minutes or seconds.

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Glyphish Gallery screenshot

Glyphish Gallery

Browse and search through your Glyphish icons in style. Supports OS X 10.8+.

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SAStepperControl screenshot


UIStepper subclass that display's current value between Increment/decrement operators

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MRoundedButton screenshot


UIControl subclass like iOS 7 Phone app button

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AXRatingView screenshot


Star mark rating view with flat design for iOS7 It is useful for a review dialog. - Smooth rating (ex. 4.22 -> 4.23) - Step rating by 1.0 (ex. 3.00 -> 4.00) - Step rating by 0.5 (ex. 3.00 -> 3.50 -> 4.00) - Set other unicode character (not star character) - Set image - Set color - Editable & Not Editable - Easy to Get/Set.

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SAMultisectorControl screenshot


SAMultisectorControl allows you to create multiselect control with beautiful design and circular structure. It allows users to change values in an easy way.

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RFFavicon screenshot


RFFavicon retrieves the relevant favicon for a URL, or returns a default icon should it not be able to find it. How To Get Started =============== 1. Download RFFavicon 2. <code>#import "RFFavicon.h"</code> 3. Use the class method,Ex: <code>self.icon.image = [RFFavicon]; </code>

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PPiAwesomeButton screenshot


UIButton category with Flat Design and extra methods to set Title+Icon FontAwesome font

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UITextView-UIControl screenshot


A UIControl-like API addition to UITextView

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WUEmoticonsKeyboard screenshot


Customizable emoticons keyboard for iOS.

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WTGlyphFontSet screenshot


Create images using an icon font.

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RPVerticalStepper screenshot


A simple vertical stepper control for iOS that is similar in function to the UIStepper control.

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FontAwesomeKit screenshot


Simple helper for using Font-Awesome on iOS

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BButton 3.0 screenshot

BButton 3.0

Twitter Bootstrap Buttons for iOS.

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FAWE -  Font Awesome library for iOS screenshot

FAWE - Font Awesome library for iOS

FAWE is a library that helps you leverage the excellent icon font library Font Awesome in your iOS projects. FAWE extends default Cocoa framework components to make working with icons as easy as possible. FAWE also provides some classes of its own. The basis for all iconic UI controls is FAWEIconView, which you can use either as a standalone component or with standard UI controls, such as UIButton. FAWEIconView extends UILabel, so you can use the properties of UILabel to control its look and feel, but it also introduces some features of its own, such as gradient icon color and inner shadow.

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FontAwesomeIconFactory screenshot


Create icons using the resolution-independent Font Awesome. Works for iOS and OS X. Font Awesome was created by Dave Gandy -

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F3Stepper screenshot


"Flipping" value stepper, similar to the font size selection controls found in iWorks and elsewhere. Easily wired into existing applications using IB and normal control events. Features customizable colors, fonts, value display, and more.

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SYEmojiPopover screenshot


Popover view to select emoji character from iOS 5+ possible characters. iOS 5+, ARC. It consists in two classes. SYEmojiCharacters generates a list of Emoji characters separated in sections, depending on the iOS version the phone is running. SYEmojiPopover, is the popover view. For further information please see the repo readme on GitHub.

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LSTabs screenshot


LSTabs for iOS is a small collection of well-documented classes to create tinted buttons, compound buttons with a badge (tabs) or manage collections of tabs in horizontal or vertical layout

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