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MMPlaceHolder screenshot


A drop in solution to show UIView's size. Only one line code to use it.

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Timeline screenshot


Timeline like the Path iOS app

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IPDashedLineView screenshot


IPDashedLineView provides a simple interface for creating dashed lines. Create individual lines or create a dashed border for a view.

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BAPersistentOperationQueue screenshot


A persistent operation queue that uses a database to save operations that need to be completed at a later time.

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NHLinearShadow screenshot


You can add a near "Linear Shadow Color" choosing a color like [UIColor redColor] or you can use "Linear Shadow" based on a photo, this will find the average color and add a shadow.

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TWRCharts screenshot


An iOS wrapper for ChartJS. Easily build animated charts by leveraging the power of native Obj-C code.

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ChartView screenshot


DChartView is a customized line chart for any representation, it's built with CoreGraphics so no need to worry about load on you application.

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AFWeather screenshot


Getting the weather forecast never has been so easy

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GraphKit screenshot


A lightweight library of animated charts for iOS. Super easy to customize individual bar/line color, animation durations and more. Demo: pod try GraphKit

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SHLineGraphView screenshot


`SHLineGraphView` is a simple and efficient reusable UIView subview which you can use to create line graphs. It uses Core Graphics and Core Animation to create the light weight graphs. it is easy t...

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Easy Timeline screenshot

Easy Timeline

Sometimes you need things to happen at specific times and things. When it's just an event 2.0 seconds later, a performSelector:withObject:afterDelay: is perfect. If it gets a little more comp...

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IQDatabaseManager screenshot


IQDatabaseManager contains CoreData helper classes with convenience methods to communicate with CoreData for performing common tasks (inserting+updating+deleting+sorting+searching) on database reco...

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ImgGlyph screenshot


ImgGlyph for iOS is a collection of drop-in replacements for UILabel and UITextView that allow for correctly sized in-line images (image glyphs) by replacing certain characters or strings with spec...

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BEMSimpleLineGraph screenshot


iOS library to create simple line graphs/charts (charting library).

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AOTutorial screenshot


A tutorial component with fade in / fade out animation for background images that mimic the path tutorial application

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IQGeometry screenshot


IQGeometry is an extension to CGGeometry that provides easy functions for Geometry calculations in iOS.

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LineChartView screenshot


Interactive line charts / plots for the simplicity-loving iOS developer.

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DynamicGraphView screenshot


A simple but effective dynamic GraphView implementation for iPhone SDK for float values. It is easy to implement and works statically with an array of floats as well as dynamically by adding val...

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DALinedTextView screenshot


DALinedTextView is a UITextView subclass that draws ruled lines to the view, similar to iOS' built-in Notes app. The lines conform to the appropriate line-height for the currently set UIFont.

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GLGooglePlusLikeLayout screenshot


GLGooglePlusLikeLayout is custom layout based on UICollectionView which can be used to show the data based on their content-size and by maintaining the row linear, unlike waterflow style layout. In...

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FB-Gallery screenshot


An implementation of Facebook's photo browser

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