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PKJSONSocket screenshot


PKJSONSocket aims to simplify network communications. It's a delightful wrapper around CocoaAsyncSocket, abstracting away complex data flow into an easy to use API. Instead of dealing with the bits and bytes yourself, PKJSONSocket offers you UTF-8 encoded JSON strings. Compiles on both iOS and OS X.

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Datatify screenshot


Simple single class used to display network status change notification (switch between WIFI, 3G and No connection).

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GoldRaccoon screenshot


An FTP component for iOS.

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WTURLImageView screenshot


WTURLImageView is a subclass of UIImageView that load images from Internet using AFNetworking.

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ILHTTPClient screenshot


A really easy-to-use wrapper around AFNetworking with an auto loading animated HUD.

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NPRImageView screenshot


Instagram-like UIImageView subclass. Progress view and activity view appear during image download. Support memory and disk caching. Inspired by FXImageView and Tapku's TKImageCache. Uses AFNetworking.

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OpenPics screenshot


OpenPics is an iOS application for viewing images from multiple remote sources. Currently implemented are searching the New York Public Library and the Library of Congress. Good examples of using technology like `UICollectionView`, `UIActivity`, `AFNetworking`, `AFOAuth1Client`, etc.

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LBGithubStatus screenshot


An Objective-C wrapper for GitHub Status API based on AFNetworking.

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 SDScaffoldSync screenshot


Create a Cloud Syncing Mobile App in 3 Minutes. Building an app that syncs its data in the cloud can be difficult. That's where SDScaffoldSync comes into play. SDScaffoldSync creates a REST endpoint (via `Heroku-Core-Data-Buildpack`) and syncing code (via `AFIncrementalStore`) for you. SDScaffoldSync also leverages SDScaffoldKit to give you ready-made views for your model objects. Just create your Core Data model, hand SDScaffoldKit your Entity's name, a field to sort by, and BAM! You you have a cloud syncing app. SDScaffoldSync is meant to save you time so you can focus on what matters, application logic. The library is still a little green behind the ears and I would love to see any issues or pull request you may have. There is a sample project and screencast if you have any question on how it all works. Overall, this is a great way to get your project up and running then you can go from there.

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GrabKit screenshot


GrabKit for iOS offers a ready-to-use component to easily import photos from Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, iPhone/iPad, Instagram, ...

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