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RCCPeakableImageView screenshot


Implementation of a "peekable" thumbnail image as shown at the „Flag" Kickstarter Project

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XHPathCover screenshot


XHPathCover is pull down refresh and a parallax top view with real time blur effect to any UITableView, inspired by Path for iOS.

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EMAccordionTableViewController screenshot


EMAccordionTableViewController is a easy to use Expandable / Collapsable UITableView for iOS. Under the hood it works as a proxy for the UITableView and leaves to the delegate the responsability t...

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TGFoursquareLocationDetail screenshot


iOS project recreating Foursquare design and behaviour when presenting location details Behaviour: When you scroll, image's shown area will become bigger. Like it appears on location detail pag...

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QMBParallaxScrollViewController screenshot


Add a parallax top view to any UIScrollView

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NTParallaxView screenshot


Easy parallax effects for iOS.

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UIView+MWParallax screenshot


UIView category which brings parallax effect like iOS 7 to iOS 6 and earlier

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SPHLocationPicker screenshot


A location picker built around a UITableView, MKMapView and CLPlacemark. Displaying and the size of the map, dropping pins with a tap, providing a search controller and a bounce to return the ma...

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Parallax screenshot


Parallax is an iOS library that reproduces the parallax effect of the iOS7 home screen.

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LocationPickerView screenshot


MKMapView + UITableView + Parallax scrolling. Provides a framework for building an interactive location picker on iOS.

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TwProfile screenshot


Demo of effect of tweetbot profile image

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APParallaxHeader screenshot


This category makes it super easy to add a parallax header view to your table views.

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M6ParallaxController screenshot


Parallax controller for a parallaxed view and a table view

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ZGParallelView screenshot


ParallelView is the easiest way to add a Parallax effect to a UITableView. It works perfectly with UITableViewController and is completely compatable with both UITableViewStyle. Most importantly...

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A3ParallaxScrollView screenshot


A UIScrollView subclass with a parallax scrolling effect.

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GKLParallaxPictures screenshot


Parallax viewcontroller with photo gallery at the top

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MDCParallaxView screenshot


Create a parallax effect using a custom container view, much like the top view of Path's timeline.

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RBParallaxTableViewController screenshot


Simple demo app inspired by Path 2.0's use of a parallax effect in conjunction with a UITableView.

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