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YHCPickerView screenshot


YHCPickerView extends UIPickerView with a search bar to help your users easily filter the picker view's contents when it contains lots of records.

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UIMonthYearPicker screenshot


UIMonthYearPicker is a UIPickerView subclass that allows you select date from month and year only, no days.

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SLNumberPickerView screenshot


SLNumberPickerView is a control that presents a 3-digit number picker. It's very customisable, highly themable, and very easy to use.

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CPPickerView screenshot


A custom, configurable, horizontal version of UIPickerView (based on the spinning-wheel or slot-machine metaphor), with an included table cell implementation. Originally intended for condensing the space/rows needed for a multi-option setting.

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CountryPicker screenshot


CountryPicker is a custom UIPickerView subclass that provides an iOS control allowing a user to select a country from a list. It can optionally display a flag next to each country name, and the library includes a set of 249 high-quality, public domain flag images from FAMFAMFAM ( that have been painstakingly re-named by country code to work with the library.

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ThumbnailPickerView screenshot


ThumbnailPickerView is a control displaying a set (or technically, an array) of thumbnails aligned horizontally. It mimics thumbnails view from iPad's toolbar, but as a subclass of UIControl it can be freely used as a regular view outside the toolbar.

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AFPickerView screenshot


Custom UIPickerView controller reconstruction allows you to customize the graphics (background, shadow, selector) just replace those files with your own: * pickerBackground.png * pickerGlass.png * pickerShadows.png

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COPeoplePickerViewController screenshot


Re-implementation of the email address picker of iCal (work in progress). Currently supports only email picking but can be easily extended.

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AlertPickerView screenshot


Picker control embedded in an alert view.

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ALPickerView screenshot


ALPickerView is an attempt to mime the multiple selection behavior of Cocoa Touch's UIPickerView (as seen in Mobile Safari).

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NWPickerField screenshot


A combo box like control for the iPhone.

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V8HorizontalPickerView screenshot


Horizontal UIPickerView Control for iOS.

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SSRatingPickerViewController screenshot


A simple view controller for rating stuff like App

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