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PopOverMenu screenshot


PopOverMenu is a PopOver style menu.

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DataSources screenshot


💾 🗄 Data-driven CollectionView Framework. (Can adapt ASCollectionNode)

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AZ-TableView screenshot


AZ TableView provide you with simple easy pagination and also dummy loading and error views.

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SwiftMultiSelect screenshot


A tableview with graphical multi selection (contacts from PhoneBook or items from custom lists)

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HGPlaceholders screenshot


Nice library to show placeholders for any UITableView in your project

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ZVRefreshing screenshot


A pure-swift and wieldy refresh component.

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GooglePlacesClone screenshot


This repository aims for a tutorial on how to use the Google Places API in conjunction with Google Maps iOS SDK

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GridView screenshot


Reusable GridView with excellent performance and customization that can be time table, spreadsheet, paging and more.

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ExpyTableView screenshot


Make your table view as expandable just by implementing one method.

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KRPullLoader(pull refresh) screenshot

KRPullLoader(pull refresh)

A 'pull to refresh' control for UIScrollView(, UITableView, UICollectionView, ...).

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Cupcake screenshot


An easy way to create and layout UI components for iOS (Swift version).

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Expandable TableView screenshot

Expandable TableView

A simplest demonstration of expandable UITableView without using third party libs.

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KJExpandableTableTree screenshot


Provides a tableview cells expansion (expanding cell area - subcells'), you can expand cells up to level ∞-1. Use Dynamic JSON Tree structure to initialise, or use static initialisers - Indexing/Swifty Closures.

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IGListKit screenshot


A data-driven UICollectionView framework for building fast and flexible lists.

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StackScrollView screenshot


iOS form builder in Swift

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MultipleTimers screenshot


Multiple Timers is a custom view for iOS that enables circular progress animation with respect to given duration. Multiple Timers supports following features - Progress animation in clockwise or counter clockwise direction. Get time elapsed since timer started or time left for the counter to complete. Provide Start and finish points for the animation. Pre-fill the progress up till a certain point. Resume the animation on the basis of duration elapsed from total duration. ...and much more.

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expandableCellScroll screenshot


This project shows how to develop expandable cells in a UITableView. Each cell in turn consists of a UIScrollView and a UIImageView background. Data is fetched via an API call. Developed in Latest Swift syntax with Auto-layout constraints enabled.

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JNDropDownMenu screenshot


Swift 3 easy to use Dropdown Menu

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TableManager screenshot


TableManager is an extension of UITableView. Manipulate your table in an easier way. Add sections and rows. Configure headers and footers. Hide and show rows individually. And this library will handle all the protocols for you. The table the way it should be.

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MBMapPulseAnimation screenshot


This application based on pulseAnimation in map . i am using some concept of Animation code in annotation Background in swift .

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NearBy screenshot


iOS app to find nearby places using MapKit

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