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APDynamicHeaderTableViewController screenshot


A simple table view controller with a header view made as a recreation of the Instagram header written in Swift. It's a very simple control that I whipped up in a few days and the header is simply ...

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FSNetworkingSearchController screenshot


Search controller with suggest completion using Foursquare API following Instagram design.

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M2DRibbonView screenshot


A ribbon shape view.

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Kinder screenshot


A vote controller, which allows the user to vote like tinder.

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RRTagController screenshot


RRTagController allows user to select tag and create new one.

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TLTagsControl screenshot


A nice and simple tags control for iOS Nice and minimalistic design Simple to integrate, use and customize! You could see a video at

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SKTagView screenshot


SKTagView is a view supports to display tags with auto layout. - supports auto layout - supports working with UITableViewCell - supports single and multi-line mode - not UICollectionView

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InstagramPhotoPicker screenshot


Present Image Picker like Instagram.

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ZFTokenField screenshot


iOS custom view that let you add token view inside like NSTokenField

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PFTemplates screenshot


A scrollview similar to Instagram and 20lines app when you create new content. autoscroll on tap the element. The creation of templates is not included for copyright

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SmoothStatusBar screenshot


Smooth Status Bar like Instagram or Mailbox

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iOS8SelfSizingCells screenshot


This is instagram app feed tableView demo use iOS8 Self Sizing Cells.

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InstagramSimpleOAuth screenshot


A quick and simple way to authenticate an Instagram user in your iPhone or iPad app. Quick How-To: * Create an instance of InstagramSimpleOAuthViewController and pass in an Instagram client I...

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SDWTwitterLabel screenshot


Fast UILabel subclass that parses # hashtags, @ mentions and links using the TwitterText library.

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MintAnnotationView screenshot


UITextViews with name highlighting (mentions) like Facebook for iOS. Animated GIF:

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VENTokenField screenshot


Easy-to-use token field that is used in the Venmo app.

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AKTagsInputView screenshot


A convenient input view for seek and selecting, and writing tags data. Features: * write your own tags * forbidden symbols settings * space or comma separation * lookup-like accessory inpu...

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MJAutoComplete screenshot


A simple drop-in for using an autocomplete component on iOS. It comes with a simple demo app that should help you get started in a jiffy!

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SmileViewController screenshot


UIViewController that allows to detect smile in real time (AVFoundation, CoreImage).

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WCGitTagsPlugin screenshot


An Xcode plugin which lets you add tagging ability to Source Control

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eLBeeIsolator screenshot


Isolate a UITableViewCell. This example uses a longpress, but you can use whatever you want. There are additional libraries included with this code including: * Nametag - Add a "name tag" iden...

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STXDynamicTableView screenshot


An Instagram-inspired table view to display a photo stream. STXDynamicTableView is designed to solve the common use case to display a feed of photos with their corresponding likes, caption, and com...

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EBPhotoPages screenshot


EBPhotoPages is a photo gallery library for displaying pages of photos and their meta data in a scrollview. Users are able to zoom photos in and out, as well as create, edit or delete comments and ...

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BENTagsView screenshot


A simple UIView sublass for displaying a series of tags.

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SCRecorder screenshot


Complete iOS camera engine with Vine like pause/resume, filters, player with smooth loop, exporter with precise parameters In short, here is a short list of the cool things you can do: - Reco...

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