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KMPlaceholderTextView screenshot


A UITextView subclass that adds support for multiline placeholder written in Swift.

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PlaceholderTextView screenshot


PlaceHolderTextView is a IBDesignable subclass of UITextView with a placeholder behaving like a UITextfield, which means that if no text is present, the placeholder will be showing. This makes it easier to integrate UITextViews in combination of UITextFields where all the elements should have placeholders. It's written entirely in Swift, and works for iOS 7+

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FloatLabelFields screenshot


Text entry controls which contain a built-in title/label so that you don't have to add a separate title for each field. FloatLabelFields is the Swift implementation of a UX pattern that has come to be known as the "Float Label Pattern". The initial Objective-C implementation of this pattern can be found on Github as JVFloatLabeledTextField. Due to space constraints on mobile devices, it is common to rely solely on placeholders as a means to label fields. This presents a UX problem, in that, once the user begins to fill out a form, no labels are present. This UI component library, which includes both a UITextField and UITextView subclass, aims to improve the user experience by having placeholders transition into floating labels that hover above the fields after they are populated with text.

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ScrollingTextView screenshot


Scrolling Text View for About window and usually used as credits

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NCRAutocompleteTextView screenshot


An NSTextView subclass that implements a popover to autocomplete words.

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HBVLinkedTextView screenshot


UITextView subclass that lets you set a block to be executed when a user taps a specified word, phrase, or regex match.

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SlackTextViewController screenshot


A drop-in UIViewController subclass with a growing text input view and other useful messaging features. Meant to be a replacement for UITableViewController & UICollectionViewController.

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HPTextViewTapGestureRecognizer screenshot


A gesture recognizer that detects taps on links and text attachments in UITextView.

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THNotesTextView screenshot


UITextView with the look of a Notebook

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MintAnnotationView screenshot


UITextViews with name highlighting (mentions) like Facebook for iOS. Animated GIF:

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XDPopupListView screenshot


An iOS pop-up listview, like Spinner in Android. You can use it to create Android-like controls, such as Spinner or AutoCompleteTextView, for your iOS project. It's under MIT license, so help yourself and have fun.

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ACEExpandableTextCell screenshot


TextView inside an expandable TableViewCell.

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YLTextView screenshot


UITextView subclass with placeholder, it supports Arabic language which is Right-To-Left.

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LPlaceholderTextView screenshot


UITextView subclass with placeholder text

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ZSSRichTextEditor screenshot


A beautiful rich text WYSIWYG editor for iOS with syntax highlighted source view.

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ImgGlyph screenshot


ImgGlyph for iOS is a collection of drop-in replacements for UILabel and UITextView that allow for correctly sized in-line images (image glyphs) by replacing certain characters or strings with specified images.

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CYRTextView screenshot


CYRTextView is a UITextView subclass that implements a variety of features that are relevant to a syntax or code text view. There are many subclasses of UITextView out there with the release of TextKit but none that are specifically tailored towards a code/syntax view. CYRTextView aims to change this. Features include: - Regular expression based text highlighting with support for multiple text attributes for each expression - Line numbers - Gesture based navigation

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P2MSTextView screenshot


A quick way to enable rich text editing in IOS. It works on IOS 4.3+.

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RFKeyboardToolbar screenshot


This is a flexible UIView and UIButton subclass to add customized buttons and toolbars to your UITextFields/UITextViews. This is used in to produce the toolbar.

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RFMarkdownTextView screenshot


This is a UITextView that is supposed to replicate the comment toolbar in iOctocat ( with auto-insert markdown functionality.

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ARAutocompleteTextView screenshot


ARAutocompleteTextView is a subclass of UITextView that automatically displays text suggestions in real-time. This is perfect for automatically suggesting the domain as a user types an email address, #hashtag or @alexruperez.

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