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CrossNavigation screenshot


if you inherit your view controllers from CNViewController, you'll be able to push them to the stack not just to right side (as you do if you use UINavigationController), but to any of four: left, ...

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ARTEmailSwipe screenshot


ARTEmailSwipe is a UIViewController container, which allows you to have one view controller at the bottom, whilst keeping your main navigation separate. This is based on the iOS 8 emails implementa...

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MALoggingViewController screenshot


MALoggingViewController is a real-time pseudo-console you can embed in your application, perfect for testing and debugging in the real world. Whether you are determining the reliability of netwo...

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UIViewController-ScrollingStatusBar screenshot


Category for UIViewController with UIScrollView to scroll statusBar along scrollView

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BHTKeyboardAnimationBlocks screenshot


UIViewController category making life easier when working with animations on keybard appearing/disappearing. Provides a simple block based API to set animations to be performed on each of UIKeyboar...

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CHTransitionAnimationController screenshot


Transition between view controllers using pre-built custom transitions. Transition animations include: scale up/scale down, slide in from left/right/top/bottom, slide out to left/right/top/bottom, ...

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TKTransitioningCurpAnimation screenshot


UIViewcontroller 切换动画 支持ios7

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SmileViewController screenshot


UIViewController that allows to detect smile in real time (AVFoundation, CoreImage).

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UIViewController-Tutorial screenshot


UIViewController category with methods to make fancy tutorials.

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RASlideInViewController screenshot


A view controller that implements a custom transition effect.

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AnimatedTransitionGallery screenshot


A gallery app of custom animated transitions for iOS 7.

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JZRefreshControl screenshot


JZRefreshControl is an easily extendable class that makes it dead simple to create a custom refresh control that will have your users so engaged they'll be opening your app and pulling to refresh n...

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STPTransitions screenshot


Unified, easy API for custom iOS view controller transitioning.

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UIViewController-Modal screenshot


Determine whether UIViewController is presented as modal.

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RMMultipleViewsController screenshot


This is an iOS control for showing multiple view controller in one view controller and selecting one with a segmented control

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SCSlidingViewController screenshot


A UIViewController that replicates similar functionality to ECSlidingViewController (screenshot thanks to

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eLBeePushBackController screenshot


eLBeePushBackController us a simple, lightweight UIViewController Category for creating a semi modal / push back transition. It is based on KNSemiModal See the github repo for more information.

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MHNatGeoViewControllerTransition screenshot


A new 3D Effect ViewController transition inspired by NatGeo (City Guides by National Geographic)

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DMCustomModalViewController screenshot


A UIViewController which take a root view controller and present it modally with a nice animations and customization options. You can present it full screen or not. It provides some cool gest...

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SGBDrillDownController screenshot


A parent view controller for the iPad which manages a stack of controllers similarly to UINavigationController while keeping the top two controllers visible similarly to UISplitViewController.

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CLFContainerViewController screenshot


CLFContainerViewController makes it much easier to create custom container view controllers. With this class, you can create container view controllers whose children occupy the entire bounds of...

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MBButtonMenuViewController screenshot


MBButtonMenuController is a UIViewController subclass that implements something similar to UIActionSheet. It offers an unlimited number of buttons, a delegate for handling taps, and a cool visua...

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MBSpacialViewController screenshot


Create a gesture-driven map of view controllers in 2D space.

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MBPullDownController screenshot


MBPullDownController, an iOS container view controller for pullable scroll view interfaces. MBPullDownController accepts two view controllers, which it presents one above the other. The front ...

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HCPushBackAnimation screenshot


Demo of push back animation to display a modal view controller.

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