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Parse-Challenge-App screenshot


iPhone app built using Parse. Enables creating new challenges, nominating friends, posting challenge attempts (image/video), commenting, giving likes, sharing challenges and attempts to challenges. Features: - creating new challenge - adding own challenge attempt (with video/image) - commenting - giving likes - reporting inappropriate content - searching users/challenges - sharing - nominating other users - user profile customization Requirements: - Xcode 6 - iOS 8.0

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KSHMosaicCamera screenshot


KSHMosaicCamera is camera capture application,it can Face recognition and with a mosaic effect.

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YoutubeFloatingVideoControl screenshot


This demo app will animate the view just like Youtube mobile app, while tapping on video a UIView pops up from right corner of the screen and the view can be dragged to right corner through Pan Gesture and more features are there as Youtube iOS app. The whole design is done with Auto Layout and it is compatible with iOS 6 too. No need to worry about screen size as it will run smoothly on any device size iPhone 4s to iPhone 6 Plus

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ICGVideoTrimmer screenshot


A library for quick video trimming, mimicking the behavior of Instagram's

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CRMediaPickerController screenshot


An easy-to-use UIImagePickerController replacement for picking Images and Videos.

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GUIPlayerView screenshot


GUIPlayerView implements a simple video player using AVPlayer. Provides AirPlay integration.

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iOS Video Player screenshot

iOS Video Player

iOS ultimately video player, compatible to ipad as well as iphone with very cool UI themes

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DSFacialGestureDetector screenshot


CIDetector with streaming video pod 'DSFacialGestureDetector' or import all the files under the Detector directory to your project.

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IQMediaPickerController screenshot


IQMediaPickerController allows user to capture Videos, Images and Audio using AVFoundation framework. It also allows user to pick Videos, Images and Audio from the iPhone photo and media library. IQMediaPickerController contains 3 library IQMediaCaptureController, IQAssetsPickerController & IQAudioPickerController. All libraries are separate from the others, so if you want to integrate any one of them, you can copy only required library without copying others.

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KIChameleonView screenshot


A magical image view! Once you set a URL, it will be a movie, or an Animated GIF, or an ordinary JPG, PNG, or even it can be an image in ALAssetsLibrary! Supported types are 1. .m3u8 for Movie (Streaming) 2. .gif for Animated GIF (Remote Image) 3. .png, .jpg for Image (Remote Image) 4. assets-library:// for ALAsset Image 5. .webp for WebP Image (Currently not supported) So following URLs can be shown in same way, with KIChameleonView. - - - - - assets-library://asset/asset.JPG?id=C3EB0F3D-6B13-463D-83B3-B2B42A6C47CF&ext=JPG

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SHGalleryView screenshot


This is a Page View Controllers based Gallery for Images and Videos which you can use to showcase your media items. Images support zoom/pinch and you can play videos in the same flow.

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UzysAssetsPickerController screenshot


Alternative UIImagePickerController , You can take a picture with camera and pick multiple photos and videos

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AssetPicker screenshot


AssetPicker is a UIViewController subclass that provides an alternative solution to UIImagePickerController.

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VideoCover screenshot


A simple demo to add video in the background

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KSVideoPlayer screenshot


This is a full example of using iOS AVPlayer on a layer. I've looked everywhere but nothing this complete. In the demo project, I'm tried to emulate Youtube's official app behaviour. Follow me at follow me on twitter : <a href="">@mikeMTOL</a>

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LMMediaPlayer screenshot


Video and audio player with replaceable UI component. You can play MPMediaItem and http streaming contents with fullscreen or non-fullscreen mode.

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JSVideo screenshot


JSVideo helps you adding a custom background video in your view controllers

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VKVideoPlayer screenshot


VKVideoPlayer is the same battle tested video player used in our Viki iOS App enjoyed by millions of users all around the world. Some of the advance features are: - Fully customizable UI - No full screen restrictions (have it any size and position you would like!) - Display subtitles (SRT supported out of the box) - Customize subtitles (use CSS for styling courtesy of DTCoreText) - Supports HTTP Live streaming - Orientation change support (even when orientation lock is enabled) - Bulletproof event machine to easily integrate features like video ads - Lots of delegate callbacks for your own logging requirements

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SAScrollTableViewCell screenshot


An easy-to-use UITableViewCell subclass that implements a scrolling effect cell with media content such as images, video sound etc...

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MessageDisplayKit screenshot


A messages UI for iPhone and iPad,You can send txt, voice, image,video,emotion .etc messages. like WeChat App.

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FrameExtractor screenshot


This demo application extracts frames from videos.

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