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DDHTextView screenshot


A UITextView subclass which lets you move the cursor and select text with a pan gesture.

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ICTextView screenshot


ICTextView is a UITextView subclass with optimized support for string/regex search and highlighting. It also features some iOS 7 specific improvements and bugfixes to the standard UITextView.

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RPFloatingPlaceholders screenshot


UITextField and UITextView subclasses with placeholders that change into floating labels when the fields are populated with text. Example:

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AVTagTextView screenshot


A category that adds an Instagram-like hashtag choosing/listing capability to the UITextView

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SECoreTextView screenshot


SECoreTextView is multi-line rich text view library with clickable links, selectable text, embedding images and editing. More powerful, customizable, and flexible than UITextView.

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IQKeyboardManager screenshot


IQKeyboardManager is a drop-in universal library which allows you to prevent issues of the keyboard sliding up and covering UITextField/UITextView without needing you to writing any code and much m...

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RDVKeyboardAvoiding screenshot


Keyboard avoiding scroll view for iOS

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UITextViewExtras screenshot


Collection of convenience methods for finding the paths and locations of text in UITextView. * Calculate the bounding path (or CGRect) of a character, word, sentence, line or paragraph at given ...

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UITextView-UIControl screenshot


A UIControl-like API addition to UITextView

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DALinedTextView screenshot


DALinedTextView is a UITextView subclass that draws ruled lines to the view, similar to iOS' built-in Notes app. The lines conform to the appropriate line-height for the currently set UIFont.

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RKRichTextView screenshot


RKRichTextView is one of the most advanced Editable Rich Text Views. It is tested to work with iPhone/iPad OS 5.0 and newer.

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PHFComposeBarView screenshot


This is a precise reconstruction of the compose bar from the iOS, mimicking the behaviors and graphics while also allowing you to customize many aspects of it.

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DMFormInputAccessoryView screenshot


A simple input accessory view for use in forms.

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LBReadingTime screenshot


UITextView category to compute the total reading time or remaining reading time + UITextView indicator's panel showing the remaing reading time.

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SZTextView screenshot


A drop-in UITextView replacement which gives you: a placeholder. Technically it differs from other solutions in that it tries to work like UITextField's private _placeholderLabel so you should not...

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Numberpad screenshot


LNNumberpad is a custom numeric keyboard for the iPad which works with both UITextField's and UITextView's requiring no changes other than adding an instance of the LNNumberpad class as the inputVi...

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JSQMessagesViewController screenshot


An elegant messages UI library for iOS.

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UDBarTrackballItem screenshot


UDBarTrackballItem is a button view for iOS which can position the text cursor (caret) and define the text selection of a text view in parallel to its touch drag movement. The user interaction patt...

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UICoreTextView screenshot


Easy to use UIView which supports rendering using CoreText

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KTTextView screenshot


KTTextView derives from UITextView enhancing it with new features. The only new feature at the moment is the placeholderText property. The placeholderText property works the same as UITextField's p...

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AKFieldsNavView screenshot


Simple UIView subclass for easy UITextFields and UITextViews navigation.

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