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AJRNutritionController screenshot


A nutritional information view that mimics the look of a physical nutrition label. Simply initialize the control, set the nutritional data, and present. Includes a nice animation when presented and dismissed. Users can also swipe (down) to dismiss.

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OLImageView screenshot


You love GIFs right? so do I!. Well, as you may know Apple's implementation of UIImage doesn't support animated GIFs (Booooooo!) and that's what this classes are for. This classes are drop-in replacements for UIImage and UIImageView respectively.

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OBaconView screenshot


OpenBaconView is a animated hovering-views-view with datasource/delegate like a tableView for iOS. I have used it in a private project of mine and decided to give it to the public.

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MTAnimatedLabel screenshot


MTAnimatedLabel, a UILabel subclass that supports animation like the iPhone lock screen.

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JCGridMenu screenshot


This is a simple IOS control that works as a 44x44px menu using rows and columns to show and hide options. It's not big but it is clever...

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BBCyclingLabel screenshot


iOS 5+ (ARC) UILabel clone that performs animated transitions when changing text.

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XYPieChart screenshot


A simple and animated Pie Chart for your iOS app.

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JSAnimatedImagesView screenshot


UIView subclass to easily show a cool animated photo carousel. Using delegation, you provide a bunch of images and the view cycles through them with nice transitions.

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LBGIFImage screenshot


LBGIFImage is a small category that creates animated UIImages from GIF images.

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AUIAnimatedText screenshot


A drop-in UILabel replacement that makes almost all text properties animatable by using a CATextLayer instead of CALayer. The important animatable properties are textColor, text, font and fontSize.

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ImageSpinner screenshot


Spins a single UIImage.

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HMGLTransitions screenshot


HMGLTransitions is set of classes which can animate transition between two UIViews, or presentation / dismissing of UIViewControllers.

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GIKAnimatedCallout screenshot


GIKAnimatedCallout demonstrates the use of an MKAnnotationView subclass to provide functionality similar to the callouts in on iPad.

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ZBGridController screenshot


A grid view with support for zooming, flipping animated-in view controllers.

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HGMovingAnnotationView screenshot


An annotation view for an MKMapView that can move along a map.

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Animated Tab Bar Selection Indicator screenshot

Animated Tab Bar Selection Indicator

As seen in Twitter for iPhone (née Tweetie 2), select a tab from the tab bar, and a small triangular selection indicator slides into place above the tab.

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