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KDRearrangeableCollectionViewFlowLayout screenshot


This is a simple implementation of a drag and rearrange UICollectionView through its layout, written in Swift 2.0. It works for UICollectionViews with multiple sections.

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BIZExpandedTextView screenshot


BIZExpandedTextView subclass UITextView, which adds the ability to automatically expand UITextView, to meet all the characters entered and the calculation of the number of characters entered.

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BIZGrid4plus1CollectionViewLayout screenshot


BIZGrid4plus1CollectionViewLayout is a subclass of UICollectionViewLayout that creates grid with cell order: 4 small + 1 big, 4 small, 1 big + 4 small, 4 small.

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SMSwipeableTabView screenshot


Swipeable Views with Tabs (Like Android SwipeView With Tabs Layout)

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FlexboxLayout screenshot


Port of Facebook's css-layout to Swift + a declarative way to construct views inspired by React.

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Greedo Layout screenshot

Greedo Layout

Full aspect ratio grid layout for iOS

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StickyFlowLayout screenshot


Collection view layout for presenting overlapping cells. Previously was used in Corner App.

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NewsCommentLayout screenshot


The NewsCommentLayout mimic a view layout of Netease client.(NewsCommentLayout 仿网易客户端跟帖盖楼布局)

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HanabiCollectionViewLayout screenshot


UICollectionViewLayout subclass with a focus on UICollectionViewCell content.

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MisterFusion screenshot


MisterFusion makes more easier to use AutoLayout in Swift & Objective-C code.<br/> MisterFusion has <strong>three features</strong>, in comparison with other Swift AutoLayout DSL.<br/> <ol> <l...

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HoneycombView screenshot


HoneycombView is the iOS UIView for displaying like Honeycomb layout written by swift 2.0

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SFFocusViewLayout screenshot


UICollectionViewLayout with focused content

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KGNAutoLayout screenshot


Understandable AutoLayout wrapper that makes using AutoLayout in code easy.

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Neon screenshot


A powerful Swift programmatic UI layout framework - Build dynamic and beautiful user interfaces like a boss.

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BCAutoLayoutView screenshot


A drop-in solution for add subviews without consider setting NSLayoutConstraint

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PCSplitView screenshot


Super powerful layout for iOS, simplified.

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NVBnbCollectionView screenshot


A collection view inspired from Airbnb app. This comes with beautiful parallax effect on scrolling, built-in header and more loader. In addition, use of NVBnbCollectionView is as easy as UICollect...

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UIXPackedLayout screenshot


UIXPackedLayout is a UICollectionViewLayout that fits as many cells a possible in either horizontal or vertical slices. Supports section headers and various justification & alignment options

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GNTickerButton screenshot


Inspired by the Layout app by Instagram, this is a UIButton subclass with a ticker that spins around as desired.

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ZSeatSelector screenshot


Create a Seat Map Layout, also with Objective-C !!

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ERJustifiedFlowLayout screenshot


A subclass of UICollectionViewFlowLayout for iOS that supports left, full, and right horizontal justification, as well as enforcing a fixed amount of spacing between each cell. Includes screenshot...

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OAStackView screenshot


Porting UIStackView to iOS 7+ iOS 9 introduced the very cool UIStackView, UIStackView can be used to easily create simple and complex layouts. As expected UIStackView can only be used for iOS...

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Tomate screenshot


This is in the App Store as Fojusi

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GrowingTextViewHandler screenshot


An NSObject subclass to handle resizing of UITextView as the user types in. The textview resizes as long as the number of lines lies between specified minimum and maximum number of lines.

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JCCollectionViewWaterfallLayout screenshot


Support multiple section, and can add headerView and footerView.

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