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MapManager (Swift) screenshot

MapManager (Swift)

Map manager is a MapKit wrapper to provide route direction drawing written entirely in Swift 1) Closure support 2) Get directions using Apple service 3) Get directions using Google service...

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MAPageViewController screenshot


MAPageViewController is a simple wrapper around the most common boiler-plate UIPageViewController setup, requiring you only to specify an array of view controllers to set up.

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WKT Parser  screenshot

WKT Parser

WKTParser Library have any conversions, parsers and formats. This library allow you parser three main types of WKT data: points, lines and polygons (single, multi, 2D and 3D). Also you can convert ...

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LFHeatMap screenshot


Extremely fast iOS heat maps.

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MapTable-Swift screenshot


Mimic the Find My Friends app's first screen behavior.

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IBHeatMap screenshot


A simple HeatMap Implementation for iOS

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CZWeatherKit screenshot


CZWeatherKit is a simple, extensible weather library for iOS and OS X that allows for easy downloading of weather data from various weather services.

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MapKitDrawing screenshot


add polygons with freehand drawing

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BWObjectMapping screenshot


Small library that parse almost automatically JSON and map it to any object, works with NSManagedObject.

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SecureMappingKit screenshot


Securize the mapping between your JSON and your model.

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AFWeather screenshot


Getting the weather forecast never has been so easy

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OMAMovingAnnotations screenshot


Moving annotations for iOS MapView

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Motis screenshot


Smart JSON to NSObject mapping using Cocoa's KVC. Motis is a user-friendly interface with Key Value Coding that provides your NSObjects tools to map key-values stored in dictionaries into themse...

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SLParallaxController screenshot


Parallax effect between UITableView & UIMapView - like FourSquare

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ResizableMKCircleOverlay screenshot


A resizable map overlay.

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LPLjubljanaCarParksFunctions screenshot


LPLjubljanaCarParksFunctions is an iOS library that provides easy access to car parks in Ljubljana.

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RestKit-InExtensions screenshot


Helpers to use RestKit with less code, just a simple plist file.

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UIImage-DecompressAndMap screenshot


iOS library for quickly displaying images while scrolling

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FSRotatingCamera screenshot


Class helper that uses MKMapCamera to rotate around a coordinate

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P2MSRoutingView screenshot


A simple and quick way to integrate MapView and directions in the application.

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FakeLocations screenshot


A hacky little thing to fake locations in MKMapView and CLLocationManager. Use it to inject locations into your map view and location manager using udp sockets. Comes in handy for testing in house...

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