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MMLayershots screenshot


Layershots takes your iOS app and converts the view hierarchy into a layered photoshop (PSD) file.

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RMGallery screenshot


A modular and lightweight gallery for iOS. RMGallery is a Photos-like gallery with no dependencies. It supports asynchronous image loading, view controller transitions, gestures and zooming. ...

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TWRSkewedCollectionView screenshot


An iOS collection view subclass to present a list of skewed images.

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MultipleStyleCheckBoxKit screenshot


MultipleStyleCheckBoxKit have multiple style check box, due with multiple line text, network photo, local photo, useful on news vote. 拥有对多种媒体类型进行勾选,比如本地图片、网络图片、本地文本,多用于新闻投票或者答题App里面。

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MessageDisplayKit screenshot


A messages UI for iPhone and iPad,You can send txt, voice, image,video,emotion .etc messages. like WeChat App.

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RTFacebookAlbum screenshot


Easy to use library to get album and photos from a user's Facebook account.

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MJParallaxCollectionView screenshot


This is a parallax for the cells inside UICollectionView. It gives us an effect just like scrolling the images in Whatsapp or scrolling through the Weather app for iOS. Catch up with me at : htt...

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EBPhotoPages screenshot


EBPhotoPages is a photo gallery library for displaying pages of photos and their meta data in a scrollview. Users are able to zoom photos in and out, as well as create, edit or delete comments and ...

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YCameraView screenshot


YCameraviewController is a custom image picker controller that allows you to quickly switch between Camera and iPhone Photo Library. This controller is only useful for capturing square images.

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GTImageViewDraw screenshot


Simple category to draw on UIImageView. You can draw on a existent image or you can draw on a blank image. There are many methods (to change color, brush, to erase, etc..).

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EXPhotoViewer screenshot


A drop-in full screen photo viewer for iOS with zoom, SUPER easy to use, **just one line of code**. It has the "zoom the rest of the app away effect" It works with any UIImageView, just laying aro...

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DKImageBrowser screenshot


iOS Image Browser with a Thumbnail Strip

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TKGallery screenshot


TKGallery is a simple iOS photo browser with dynamic grid view of images, TKGallery can display one or more images by providing either UIImage objects or from NSUrls. Photos can be zoomed and pan...

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CRMotionView screenshot


A custom photo viewer that implements device motion scrolling, inspired by Facebook Paper.

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MHVideoPhotoGallery screenshot


Gallery for iOS 7 Devices. A mix of the iOS Gallery and the Facebook Gallery. I took the best from the best. Have Fun.

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DBCamera screenshot


DBCamera is a simple custom photo camera with AVFoundation

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ASScrollView screenshot


ASScrollView animation an ios control which scroll between image with fading animation and it can be used as an image gallery

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SBInstagram Viewer screenshot

SBInstagram Viewer

Easy Objective-C framework to show an instagram feed on iOS

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DZNPhotoPickerController screenshot


A photo search/picker for iOS 7 similar to UIImagePickerControl, using popular providers like 500px, Flickr and many others.

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AssetLibraryMultiselect screenshot


A media browser for ALAssetLibrary (iOS's photo library). Built on top of UICollectionView and nimbus's PagingScrollView, photo, and cache classes. Supports selecting multiple items, provisioning...

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NBNPhotoChooser screenshot


A reimplementation of the Tumblr photo chooser.

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CLImageEditor screenshot


CLImageEditor provides basic image editing features to iPhone apps. This ViewController is simple to use, and is also possible to incorporate as part of the UIImagePickerController easily.

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Vertigo screenshot


Vertigo is a simple image viewer which includes a custom view controller transition that mimics the new iOS 7 Photos app image zoom transition effect.

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3DMultiPhotoView screenshot


This is an image view control which represents multiple images on 3D octagon. The control is available to be customized by using properties.

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CTAssetsPickerController screenshot


CTAssetsPickerController is an iOS controller that allows picking multiple photos and videos from user's photo library. The usage and look-and-feel are just similar to UIImagePickerController. It u...

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