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BFKit-Swift screenshot


BFKit-Swift is a collection of useful classes, structs and extensions to <strong>develop Apps faster</strong>. If you are looking for <strong>Objective-C</strong> version check it out here: <str...

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JOTextField screenshot


Validation of: Email Numbers Strings Required Password length Installation/Requirements To Use JOTextField you'll need CocoaPods and pop facebook framework in your dependencies. Autho...

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SingleLineTextField screenshot


A single line textfield implementation that uses the same style of the [telegram website]( - Custom text field with a single line - Place holder animation like telegram...

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AutocompleteTextfieldSwift screenshot


Simple and straightforward sublass of UITextfield to manage string suggestions

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TLTagsControl screenshot


A nice and simple tags control for iOS Nice and minimalistic design Simple to integrate, use and customize! You could see a video at

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G8MaterialKitTextField screenshot


The MKTextField Validator v. 1.0 - Totally @IBInspectable Automatic MKTextField validation, using regex patterns (Some patterns are already available in the project. They are manually settable t...

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UIViewController+KeyboardAdditions screenshot


Tiny UIViewController category that provides handy way for keyboard handling logic.

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VisibleFormViewController screenshot


An extended UIviewController allowing to not hide the content behind the keyboard opened.

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TextFieldEffects screenshot


I fell in love with the text inputs effects in this article As an exercise I decided to recreate as many of them as I can usi...

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JDFCurrencyTextField screenshot


A drop-in replacement for UITextField that makes it easier for the user to enter monetary values.

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KSTokenView (Swift) screenshot

KSTokenView (Swift)

KSTokenView for iOS written in Swift, displays a collection of tokens in a an editable UITextField similar to NSTokenField, and sends messages to delegate object. It can be used to gather small amo...

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NHAutoCompleteTextField screenshot


This is an auto complete text field which filters the list as per the searched criteria. It has the option to handle drop down direction and highlight the search when user types. It requires ARC.

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IQLabelView screenshot


IQLabelView is used to add text overlay and resize and rotate it with single finger. pod 'IQLabelView', '~> 0.1'

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VMFloatLabel (Swift) screenshot

VMFloatLabel (Swift)

Swift based UITextField subclass with floating labels

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FloatLabelFields screenshot


Text entry controls which contain a built-in title/label so that you don't have to add a separate title for each field. FloatLabelFields is the Swift implementation of a UX pattern that has come...

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BFKit screenshot


BFKit is a collection of useful classes to <strong>develop Apps faster</strong>. If you are looking for <strong>Swift</strong> version check it out here: <strong><a href="https://www.cocoacontro...

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MaterialKit screenshot


Material design components (inspired by Google Material Design) for iOS written in Swift

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PickerDemo screenshot


Domo Contains: 1)UITextField inputView as UIDatePicker 2)UITextField inputView as UIPickerView

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NetAddressKeyboard screenshot


An iOS keyboard, that supports entering ip-values IPv4 and IPv6 to the UITextField for written in Objective-C for iOS7+.

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CKTextField screenshot


Enhanced UITextField, with improved visuals for a sweet UX. Add input validation via Storyboard! The CKTextField displays a green checkmark once the user entered a valid content. It will shake, ...

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BirthdayPlaceholder screenshot


This is a UITextField shouldChangeCharactersInRange delegate implementation that keeps the placeholder text displayed as the user types

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KIInPlaceEdit screenshot


In-place editing for UILabel! UILabel+InPlaceEdit.h enables users to edit a label in the place. No inheritance. Just import the category and [label ipe_enableInPlaceEdit]; :) Related Link...

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VMaskTextField screenshot


VMaskTextField is a library which create an input mask.An inputmask helps the user with the input by ensuring a predefined format. This can be useful for dates, numerics, phone numbers etc

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CBTextFieldView screenshot


A nice little animating textfield/label combo for OSX. Placeholder animates out of the box when it's active or text has been entered.

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TextFieldValidator screenshot


This control will help you to manage all kinds of validation effectively. For this you just need to provide regex string and other things will be handled by control itself. Check out my blog for...

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