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FOTWindow screenshot


A NSWindow subclass that makes auto hiding and showing the title bar (à la QuickTime X) a lot easier, and allows for a custom title bar drawing block.

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7blur screenshot


iOS 7 introduces a new efficient snapshot API. The 7blur project builds on these frameworks to produce Control Center and Notification Center like blur effects enforcing the 3rd design pattern of d...

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KKProgressTimer screenshot


Simple Circle Progress Indicator If you want to use CocoaPods, Please paste line to Podfile. ``` pod 'KKProgressTimer', :git => '' ```

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MSCTimeSpanPicker screenshot


Picker for selecting a time span using native UIPickerView. It's customizable using UIAppearance, brings it's own delegate for efficient and fast integration in exisiting projects and uses ARC.

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ios-realtimeblur screenshot


Real-time blur view, like in iOS 7

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FB-Gallery screenshot


An implementation of Facebook's photo browser

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MBCalendarKit screenshot


MBCalendarKit is a calendar control written in UIKit. I've found existing implementations to be inadequate and difficult to work with, so I rolled my own. MBCalendarKit supports iOS 7+, and work...

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LBReadingTime screenshot


UITextView category to compute the total reading time or remaining reading time + UITextView indicator's panel showing the remaing reading time.

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TimesSquare screenshot


TimesSquare is a library to display a calendar in a view in your iPhone or iPad app. We wrote it after searching high and low for a better way and finding none.

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CircularTimer screenshot


CircularTimer is a class that creates a custom circular timer, showing the percentage completed between two dates.

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MDCScrollBarLabel screenshot


An animated scroll bar to present extra information to be used when scrolling on a UIScrollView. Y'know, like the clock on Path.

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SEHumanizedTimeDiff screenshot


An NSDate category to have humanly meaningful time intervals since todays date.

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TimeScroller screenshot


A UI Element that hovers beside the scroll bar of a UITableView (Mimicking the Path app).

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ClockView screenshot


ClockView is s simple class that will simulate an analog (or wall like) clock. ClockView makes use of various CALayers so it needs CoreAnimation (add QuartzCore.framework)

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