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CKWaveCollectionViewTransition screenshot


Cool custom transition between UICollectionView's with wave like animation

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SCPageViewController screenshot


SCPageViewController is a container controller which allows you to paginate other view controllers and build custom transitions.

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TLAnimatedSegue screenshot


Segue for present controllers with custom animations.

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MCMHeaderAnimated screenshot


MCMHeaderAnimated allows you to add an animation between list and detail views.

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Portal Transition screenshot

Portal Transition

Inspired by Apple's keynote portal animation, it is an iOS implementation of Portal like UIViewController transition.

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LGSemiModalNavController screenshot


A UINavigationController subclass that presents itself a dynamic amount in a view controller using the UIViewControllerAnimatedTransitioning protocol.

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YSLTransitionAnimator screenshot


a pinterest style transition animation

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RMPZoomTransitionAnimator screenshot


A custom zooming transition animation for UIViewController. RMPZoomTransitionAnimator provide a custom transition zooming animation. Not only UICollectionView, this is possible to use any other UIViewController transition. This transition animation is like the "Pinterest" animation, but this is very simple and small library.

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ARTransitionAnimator screenshot


ARTransitionAnimator is a simple class which custom UIViewController transition animation.

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BubbleTransition screenshot


A custom modal transition that presents and dismiss a controller with an expanding (and shrinking) bubble effect.

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UINavigationControllerGameFade screenshot


Fade transitions for UINavigationController such as push, pop, reset root view controller and replace one or multiple view controllers

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NSView-ESSViewCategory screenshot


a category on NSView that simplifies zoom-transitioning between two NSViews

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Popsicle screenshot


Delightful, extensible Swift value interpolation framework.

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BeanTransitionManager screenshot


A Pinterest style segue for expanding UIImageViews into detail views.

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JTMaterialTransition screenshot


An iOS transition for controllers based on material design.

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JVTransitionAnimator - Transition Animator screenshot

JVTransitionAnimator - Transition Animator

This is a simple transition animator which allows you to perform some custom animation when presenting your view controllers. Very simple to use and setup.

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JGFlipMenu screenshot


Flipping menu system written in Swift. Uses @IBDesignable for quick and easy implementation.

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GuillotineMenu screenshot


Our Guillotine Menu Transitioning Animation implemented in Swift reminds a bit of a notorious killing machine.

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JGTransitionCollectionView screenshot


A iOS swift base collectionview with unique animation feature inspired from behance made using UICollectionView.

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SoundCloudTransition screenshot


Custom Animation Transition for SoundCloud iOS App. (Swift lang)

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CCMPopup screenshot


Easy to use popup controller transition. It includes a custom segue for easy storyboard connection, or can be called by code with custom modal transition

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