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PopupCollectionViewController screenshot


PopupCollectionViewController is a collectionView in Popup view

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RSKCollectionViewRetractableFirstItemLayout screenshot


RSKCollectionViewRetractableFirstItemLayout is an open source collection view grid layout that allows you to add an automatically retracting item to the top of your collection views. The top ret...

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Kaeru screenshot


Switch viewcontroller like ios task manager.

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EHHorizontalSelectionView screenshot


Horisontal list tableview style

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InfiniteCollectionView screenshot


Infinite horizontal scrolling using UICollectionView.

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DisplaySwitcher screenshot


Custom transition between two collection view layouts

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CollectionViewCell-animation screenshot


Delete UICollectionViewCell with 8 different Animations.I used CoreAnimation to realize its function. Long press cells,until cells vibrate,click the delete button then you can delete the cell what...

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ReuseCellConfigure screenshot


You can configure ReusableCell without casting! let cell = tableView.dequeueReusableCellWithIdentifier("LeftIconTableViewCell", classForCell: LeftIconTableViewCell.self) { $0.alphabetLabel.te...

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FlowLayout screenshot


UICollectionViewFlowLayout with alignment modes

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CollectionViewShelfLayout screenshot


A UICollectionViewLayout subclass displays its items as rows of items similar to the App Store Feature tab without a nested UITableView/UICollectionView hack. You can use a single data source for a...

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DPBasicLoading screenshot


It's a very basic loading in iOS. Adapted from App Store in iOS. Implemented under scrollview so it could be used for tableview and collectionview.

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ADMozaicCollectionViewLayout screenshot


ADMozaicCollectionViewLayout is yet another UICollectionViewLayout subclass that implements "brick" or "mozaic" layout. Checkout the demo gif

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Self-Sizing Collection View screenshot

Self-Sizing Collection View

The collection view is a great UI element but it doesn't handle elements with various content sizes elegantly. JMCFlexibleCollectionLayout based on customizable parameters like spacing between cell...

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UPCarouselFlowLayout screenshot


UPCarouselFlowLayout is a fancy carousel flow layout for UICollectionView. It comes with a paginated effect and it shrinks and makes transparent the side items.

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inbox-replica screenshot


Recreated the expanding cells effect from `Inbox` by Google in Swift

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YBSlantedCollectionViewLayout screenshot


YBSlantedCollectionViewLayout is a subclass of UICollectionViewLayout allowing the display of slanted content on UICollectionView.

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MEVFloatingButton screenshot


An iOS drop-in UITableView/UICollectionView/UIScrollView superclass category for showing a customizable floating button on top of it.

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DTCollectionViewCellMover screenshot


UICollectionView move cell module.

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DATAStack screenshot


100% Swift Simple Boilerplate Free Core Data Stack DATAStack helps you to alleviate the Core Data boilerplate. Now you can go to your AppDelegate remove all the Core Data related code and replac...

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LNICoverFlowLayout screenshot


Swift-only implementation of YRCoverFlowLayout. Also supports CocoaPods.

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MEVHorizontalContacts screenshot


An iOS UICollectionViewLayout subclass to show a list of contacts with configurable expandable items.

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AWCollectionViewSlidingDoors screenshot


Custom UICollectionViewLayout to create a slick vertical sliding effect with a focus view. In this implementation the focus effect will start at the top of the screen with the first cell and slowly...

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PullToRefresh screenshot


iOS pull to refresh for UITableView and UICollectionView

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PaperCollectionView screenshot


Swipe through content like Paper from Facebook. Using the PaperView, which wraps around a configured UICollectionViewController, you can control the datasource and customize cells to your needs.

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JiMoniKeyboard screenshot


Its a custom emoji keyboard that directly allow to access emoji images from keyboard to app. After tapping of any of emoji you can paste it on apps like email, messanges by directly paste from...

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