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ColorMatchTabs screenshot


UI animation concept fo review apps.

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PopUp screenshot


A simple way to implement a Pop up from the bottom informing the user of any changes within the app or some action they need to do. It Pops up in the KeyWindow and hence over all views, tableViews ...

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MIAlertController screenshot


A simple fully customizable alert controller

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MMUploadImage screenshot


Its a tool to upload Image

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MDAvatarGroupView screenshot


This library provides a custom UIView with support for showing group of avatars. It’s used for group chat. The images list can be loaded from local or web url.

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UPCarouselFlowLayout screenshot


UPCarouselFlowLayout is a fancy carousel flow layout for UICollectionView. It comes with a paginated effect and it shrinks and makes transparent the side items.

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Swift Popup Dialog screenshot

Swift Popup Dialog

Popup Dialog is a simple alert view, easy to use just like UIAlertController. Additionally Popup Dialog features a lot of customization options to make it meet your needs.

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ISHPullUp screenshot


Vertical split view controller with pull up gesture as seen in the iOS 10 Maps app

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SwiflyOverlay screenshot


Yet another full screen navigation component, this time written in swift.

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DropDown screenshot


A Material Design drop down for iOS

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PopupViewController screenshot


UIViewController drop in replacement with much more customisation

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SGSnackBar screenshot


A simple iOS library to show Toast/Snackbar messages with action handler

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STPopupPreview screenshot


An alternative peek preview for non 3D Touch devices. Inspired by Instagram.

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JLAlertController screenshot


A UIAlertController replacement modeled after googles Alert

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LNSlideUpTransition screenshot


A simple slide-up transition written in Swift which support a normal slide up transition, a spring animation transition and a bounce animation transition

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PMAlertController screenshot


PMAlertController is a small library that allows you to substitute Apple's uncustomizable UIAlertController, with a beautiful and totally customizable alert that you can use in your iOS app.

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CAPostEditorViewController screenshot


simple compose view controller with a lot of customizations properties

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OKAlertController screenshot


Customizable UIAlertController controller. No custom UI or behavior - used standart UIAlertController with updated UI.

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ShowMeThatStatus screenshot


This is a component written in Swift for iOS 9.0+ to display statuses of a process in a nicely animated manner. It's easy to use and highly customisable regarding appearance.

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MBRateApp screenshot


A customizable interstitial app rate screen with cool design. You can change the colors of almost every element on the screen and get callbacks of what the user chose to do.

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Presentr screenshot


Presentr is a simple wrapper for the Custom View Controller Presentation API introduced in iOS 8.

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EHPlainAlert screenshot


Plain style IOS bottom alert

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GKActionSheetPicker screenshot


An easy-to-use controller for presenting UIPickerView in overlay view

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Infinite UICollectionView screenshot

Infinite UICollectionView

Now there is no sample source code for vertical and horizontal load more using UICollectionView. So I have build a very basic sample project with UICollectionView with infinite scrolling for both ...

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react-native-auto-updater screenshot


A library to manage dynamic updates to React Native apps. Available as an NPM Package for iOS and Android.

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