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RNLoadingButton-Swift screenshot


An easy-to-use UIButton subclass with an activity indicator

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INSPullToRefresh screenshot


A simple to use very generic pull-to-refresh and infinite scrolling functionalities as a UIScrollView category.

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SwiftLoader screenshot


A simple and beautiful activity indicator written in Swift

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MAActivityIndicator screenshot


Dot activity indicator

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ACPDownload screenshot


ACPDownload provides a view indicator of your download process

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UINavigationItem-Loading screenshot


Simple category to show a loading status in a navigation bar in place of left/right items or title.

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ENFooterActivityIndicatorView screenshot


UITableView's footer activity indicator view

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IMGActivityIndicator screenshot


Emulating the Imgur activity Indicator from the web. Drawn using CAShapeLayers with different timings for each stroke.

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PendulumView screenshot


Pendulum balls

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AMPActivityIndicator screenshot


Customizable UIActivityIndicatorView

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DTIActivityIndicator screenshot


Beautiful custom ActivityIndicator inspired from css library SpinKit and much more... Written in Swift. Supported animations: Rotating Plane, Double Bounce, Chasing Dots, Pulse, Wave, Spotify, W...

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HGWActivityButton - Swift screenshot

HGWActivityButton - Swift

A UIButton subclass with a custom, built-in activity indicator Written in Swift.

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PKNetworkActivityController screenshot


A simple and lightweight network activity indicator controller written in Swift.

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SMBInternetConnectionIndicator screenshot


Internet Connection Indicator for iOS application. Shows you when there's now internet connection. Will improve the chance you get accepted to the App Store, for apple requires you to warn th...

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PCProgressView screenshot


A simple rounded progress view for OS X which is customisable. - Background line colour - Background line width - Progress line colour - Progress line width - Animation duration and of co...

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DKUserMessageView screenshot


Simple iOS User Message View with Optional Loading.

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MONActivityIndicatorView screenshot


An awesome custom activity indicator view for iOS.

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MWKProgressIndicator screenshot


A minimal progress indicator for iOS with status update support. Displays above UINavigationBar and below the Status Bar

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TYMActivityIndicatorView screenshot


A simple activity indicator view. It uses Core Animation to handle all the animation related stuff. You are able to customize it with images.

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RMDownloadIndicator screenshot


RMDownloadIndicator is a visual display for downloading of files. It displays the amount of file download as a pie chart just like the app download from the app store in iOS . The colors, radius pe...

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NAKPlaybackIndicatorView screenshot


NAKPlaybackIndicatorView is a view that mimics the music playback indicator in the on iOS 7. It has three vertical bars and they oscillate randomly.

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