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SGActionView screenshot


Combination alert view, table, and share view.

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REDActionSheet screenshot


Tweetbot-style action sheet. Video:

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IQActionSheetPickerView screenshot


ActionSheet with UIPickerView 1) iPad compatible. 2) Easy integration.

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RMDateSelectionViewController screenshot


This is an iOS control for selecting a date using UIDatePicker in a UIActionSheet like fashion

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IBActionSheet screenshot


Fully customizable iOS 7 style UIActionSheet Replacement. Allows for customization of the entire action sheet or for individual buttons/Title. Supports iPhone and iPad, iOS 5, 6, and 7.

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ICViewPager screenshot


A tab view that mimics ActionBarSherlock's FragmentsTabsPager and Google Play app's tab management.

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IAElegantSheet screenshot


Replacing UIActionSheet with elegance. Elegant to see and elegant to code.

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SHActionSheetBlocks screenshot


Block based syntax for UIActionSheet without the need for libffi or swizzling. pod 'SHActionSheetBlocks', '~> 1.1.0'

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StackMenu screenshot


Stack Menu looks like the OS X Dock's stacks feature.

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Dragon Reaction screenshot

Dragon Reaction

A Cocoa Touch category that streamlines the code required to animate the movement ("dragging") of a view associated with a UIGestureRecognizer as well as respond to conditions where said view overlaps with variable view frames (or arbitrary rectangles).

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PathMenuExample screenshot


Path 2.0's iPhone app has a really neat navigation system. This is a simple example of how to add a similar menu menu system to your iPhone app. Just run the example and click on the nice red button. The navigation code for expanding & collapsing an array of menu items/buttons (views) is in the ExpandableNavigation.m/.h files. Looking at the usage example in ViewController.m should be pretty self explanitory. However if you have any questions feel free to reach out to me on twitter (@tobins).

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AAActivityAction screenshot


AAActivityAction is Reeder like ActionSheet. Method architecture is inspired by UIActivity and UIActivityViewController.

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MBButtonMenuViewController screenshot


MBButtonMenuController is a UIViewController subclass that implements something similar to UIActionSheet. It offers an unlimited number of buttons, a delegate for handling taps, and a cool visual effect when it's presented. Give it a whirl and feel free to contribute.

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JLActionSheet screenshot


An easy to use and customize replacement to the stock UIActionSheet. A sample project is included. A sample project is included and you can easily see how to create new themes once you dig around in the source code a bit.

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FSExtendedAlertKit screenshot


Simple replacement for UIAlertView and UIActionSheet with block callbacks, and quick access to alerts with UIActivityIndicatorView and UIProgressView subviews.

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LBActionSheet screenshot


A very customizable drop-in replacement for UIActionSheet.

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action-sheet-blocks screenshot


Category of `UIActionSheet` that offers a completion handler to listen to interaction. This avoids the need of the implementation of the delegate pattern.

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ActionSheetPicker screenshot


Quickly reproduce the dropdown UIPickerView / ActionSheet functionality from Safari on iPhone/ iOS / CocoaTouch.

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TTOpenInAppActivity screenshot


TTOpenInAppActivity is a UIActivity subclass that provides an "Open In ..." action to a UIActivityViewController. TTOpenInAppActivity uses an UIDocumentInteractionController to present all Apps than can handle the document specified with a file URL.

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OGActionChooser screenshot


OGActionChooser is an iOS control that can be used as a replacement for UIActionSheet or UIAlertView. It displays an arbitrarily long list of button items, each having a title and image. The user can select an item or close the action chooser. The items can be disabled optionally.

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LeveyPopListView screenshot


LeveyPopListView is an alternative to UIActionSheet that presents a list of selectable options to the user, and allows for including images.

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