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FSNetworkingSearchController screenshot


Search controller with suggest completion using Foursquare API following Instagram design.

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UILabel-AutomaticWriting screenshot


UILabel category with automatic writing animation. Inspired by Google Trends - Hot Searches (

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BIND screenshot


Data Binding and MVVM for iOS BIND offers a loose framework for implementing MVVMC architecture in your app. Make your code more reactive, testable and maintainable.

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StringScore_Swift screenshot


Swift string ranking 0 for no match; up to 1 for perfect. "String".score(word:"str"); //=> 0.825 StringScore_Swift is a Swift library which provides fast fuzzy string matching/scoring. Based on the JavaScript library of the same name, by Joshaven Potter.

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ZRScrollableTabBar screenshot


Normally tabbar shows more tab if there is more then 5 tab in a tab bar controller. To overcome this problem you can use ZRScrollableTabBar which will allow you to put as many tab as you want and they are scrollable

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SwipeTabBarController screenshot


A simple UITabBarController sublcass which allows changing tabs with left and right swipe gestures on the tab bar.

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APTransitionDirector screenshot



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KSTokenView (Swift) screenshot

KSTokenView (Swift)

KSTokenView for iOS written in Swift, displays a collection of tokens in a an editable UITextField similar to NSTokenField, and sends messages to delegate object. It can be used to gather small amounts of text from user and perform search operation. User can choose multiple search results, which are displayed as token in UITextField.

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NHAutoCompleteTextField screenshot


This is an auto complete text field which filters the list as per the searched criteria. It has the option to handle drop down direction and highlight the search when user types. It requires ARC.

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ABCGooglePlacesAutocomplete screenshot


ABCGooglePlacesAutocomplete is an easy to use location autocomplete feature that utilizes the Google Places API to suggest locations to the user. To use GooglePlacesAutocomplete, please do the following: Add the follwing files to your project: *SearchViewController.h *SearchViewController.m *SelectedLocation.h *SelectedLocation.m Register for the Google Places API by following the linke provided below: Copy the API key and paste it in the space provided on SearchViewController.m *NSString *const apiKey = @"PASTE API KEY HERE"; Create a ViewController and add a UITablView and UITableViewCell. Add the delegate methods and make the approprate connections to the IBOutlets in the SearchViewController.m. Create a segue that links the SearchViewController to the ViewController you want to have the selectedLocation information. If you have any questions about the project, please don't hestiate to ask. Enjoy! :) Adam

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NMBottomTabBarController screenshot


A fully customizable tab bar controller for iOS written in Objective C. It uses autolayout. It requires iOS 7.1 + and ARC. You can set custom icon images, text, selected and unselected background images. You can also add separator images between the tabs to mark the tab separations. There are two configurations for the placement of text and icon images ( text to the right of icon image and text to the bottom of icon image)

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BarChart screenshot


Bar Chart Standalone Component with Animation for IOS

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VKBarChartView screenshot


Drag & drop custom UIView bar chart with animating bars.

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RAMAnimatedTabBarController screenshot


RAMAnimatedTabBarController is a Swift module for adding animation to tabbar items.

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SwiftGraph screenshot


SwiftGraph is a pure Swift (no Cocoa) implementation of a graph data structure, appropriate for use on both iOS and OS X projects. It includes support for weighted, unweighted, directed, and undirected graphs. It uses generics to abstract away both the type of the vertices, and the type of the weights. It includes copious in-source documentation, some unit tests, as well as utility functions for doing things like breadth-first search, depth-first search, and djikstra's algorithm.

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IPAExporter screenshot


Mac Application used to export IPA from Xcode Archive

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FDChessboardView screenshot


### Features * High resolution graphics * Customizable themes and game graphics * Supports all single board chess variants: suicide, losers, atomic, etc. * Supports games with odd piece arrangement and non-standard castling (Fisher 960) * Very clean API, this is just a view * Supports a minimum deployment target of iOS 8 or OS X Mavericks (10.9) Usage ===== Import, add the view to your storyboard and then set it up with: ```swift import FDChessboardView ... self.chessboard.dataSource = self ``` Then implement the data source: ```swift func chessboardView(board: FDChessboardView, pieceForSquare square: FDChessboardSquare) -> FDChessboardPiece? { return piecesByIndex[square.index] // you figure out which piece to show } ``` Upcoming Features ================= These following items are in the API for discussion and awaiting implementation: * Display for last move * Mutable game state (i.e. can move the pieces) * Animation for piece moves * Highlighting of legal squares for a piece after begin dragging * Premove

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CDSideBarController screenshot


CDSideBarController is a light and easy side bar with custom iOS7 animations and actions

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ZCSAvatarCapture screenshot


User avatar editing made nice.

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BFPaperTabBarController screenshot


iOS UITabBar (controller) inspired by Google's Paper Material Design.

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AHTabBarController screenshot


A traditional UITabBarController with the possibility of adding multiple items behind every tab.

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