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NVCalendar screenshot


NVCalendar is simply 2*2 view to display months,you can click on any date with beautiful animation.

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ValidateIt screenshot


IOS Form Validation Library

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LTHMonthYearPickerView screenshot


Simple to use month & year picker view

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VENVersionTracker screenshot


iOS Version Tracking Library to update betas, let users know about new versions in production and enforce deprecated versions of your app.

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TSValidatedTextField screenshot


This is simple and ready to use subclass of UITextField that allows you to validate text in the text field with pattern you set.

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IQDropDownTextField screenshot


TextField with DropDown support using UIPickerView

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IQActionSheetPickerView screenshot


ActionSheet with UIPickerView 1) iPad compatible. 2) Easy integration.

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SimpleDatePicker screenshot


A simple date picker with flat design.

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RMDateSelectionViewController screenshot


This is an iOS control for selecting a date using UIDatePicker in a UIActionSheet like fashion

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CustomDatePickerView screenshot


Custom date picker controller created like alternative for standard control DatePickerView. Custom date picker view based on table view and scroll view. Size can be changed and background pictures....

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RSCategories screenshot


Inclues a few essential categories for iOS Developers. There are helper methods for NSDate, NSString, NSUserDefaults, UIColor and UIImage. UIImage has a working implementation of Loading GIF for...

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TWSReleaseNotesView screenshot


Among other crazy features, iOS 7 enables users to have automatic updates for their apps, wiping away the infamous App Store badge. This is really convenient both for users and developers, but it c...

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MELiPadCalendar screenshot


Customizable iPad calendar for displaying tappable schedule data.

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MHValidation screenshot


Validates objects in a view. You just have to set the classes which you want to validate. Supports: - UITextView - UITextField - UISwitch - UISegmentedControl

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MWDatePicker screenshot


An UIDatePicker replacement with custom Background and Selector Styles. (As seen in nextr)

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Core Data + Sections screenshot

Core Data + Sections

Easy starting point for Core Data with automatic sections, based on the day of entry. Something like Facebook's timeline, something lots of people keep asking about on Stack Overflow. This is an...

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DSLCalendarView screenshot


Simple calendar view for iOS.

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SRMonthPicker screenshot


A native, fully localised month picker component. It's like a UIDatePicker, but without the days.

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MBCalendarKit screenshot


MBCalendarKit is a calendar control written in UIKit. I've found existing implementations to be inadequate and difficult to work with, so I rolled my own. MBCalendarKit supports iOS 7+, and work...

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MZDayPicker  screenshot


An iOS day picker to allow users to select date

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PSUpdateApp screenshot


PSUpdateApp is a simple method to notify users that a new version of your iOS app is available.

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