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SSUIViewMiniMe screenshot


A miniature replica of your UIView with an indicator of your location. SSUIViewMiniMe takes your UIView and creates a small version of it with an indicator of your location on the original UIVie...

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iOSAppTemplate screenshot


A functional and useful template for iOS applications. Includes: - Animated side menu. - Todo list integrated with - Map with MapKit. - Embed youtube video. - NEW: Parse offlin...

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CoreLocationUtils screenshot


A category with convenient methods for CLLocation. Initialize with latitude and longitude in radians Initialize with a pretty string format (e.g. latitude = @"34° 36' 12\" N" longitude = ...

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Pulsing Halo screenshot

Pulsing Halo

A CALayer subclass for indicating Pulsing Halo.

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QTree-objc screenshot


Library for location-based clustering of data using Quadtree written in Objective-C.

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JFOpenWeatherMapManager screenshot


Objective-C iOS / Mac OS X Wrapper to allow easy manipulation of the Open Weather Map API Access Weather data directly as Objective-C objects with only a few lines of code Original post: http...

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iOS 7 Sampler screenshot

iOS 7 Sampler

Code examples for the new features of iOS 7. Contents: - Dynamic Behaviors - Speech Synthesis - Custom Transition - 3D Map - iBeacon - 120fps Video Recording - Smile Detection - Image ...

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SFAlbumApp screenshot


Control allows you to have animated transition while opening photo albums something like in native ipad gallery. All orientations are supported. iOS 7.

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MBXMapKit screenshot


One-line MapBox integration with MapKit on iOS and OS X

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MapBox screenshot


An open source alternative to MapKit.

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ThatInbox screenshot


ThatInbox is simple, elegant, and free new way to do your email on an iPad. It's completely free and open source. It's a full app that is an example on how to do: * sending emails * receivin...

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SPHLocationPicker screenshot


A location picker built around a UITableView, MKMapView and CLPlacemark. Displaying and the size of the map, dropping pins with a tap, providing a search controller and a bounce to return the ma...

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RMMapper screenshot


- Converts JSON into objects with predefined class - Save object to NSUserDefaults fast and convenient - Make a class to conform to NSCopying easier

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OpenWeatherMapAPI screenshot


iOS api classes for

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LocationPickerView screenshot


MKMapView + UITableView + Parallax scrolling. Provides a framework for building an interactive location picker on iOS.

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Map Index screenshot

Map Index

Fast MKMapView clustering with animation.

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JPSThumbnailAnnotation screenshot


A simple MapKit annotation view for displaying images with clean design and animations. It is 100% programmatically drawn.

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KIPullToReveal screenshot


Combine a search result's `UITableView` with a `MKMapView`. Just setup the `KIPullToRevealViewController` as a `UITableViewController` with the known delegate methods. Set `pullToRevealDelegate`...

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Kingpin screenshot


A drop-in MKAnnotation clustering library for iOS. * Uses a 2-d tree under the hood for maximum performance * No subclassing required, making the library easy to integrate with existing projects.

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EtPanKit screenshot


EtPanKit is an Objective-C interface for the libEtPan email framework for Mac. It features fast, efficient, and secure IMAP and SMTP connections, abstract classes for maximum subclass-ability, an a...

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MTTestSemaphore screenshot


A class to help you create unit tests that test asynchronous methods. You will need this to unit test any class that fetch data from the network, use location, camera, etc.

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