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DSTransparentNavigationBar screenshot


UINavigationBar with transparency.

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THTinderNavigationController screenshot


A Tinder like navigation. Based on

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RadialTransition_objC screenshot


Great radial transition for navigation controller, with custom back swipe.

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CrossNavigation screenshot


if you inherit your view controllers from CNViewController, you'll be able to push them to the stack not just to right side (as you do if you use UINavigationController), but to any of four: left, ...

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BMYScrollableNavigationBar screenshot


This version of the scrollable navigation bar feature is an evolution on Valentin Shergin's SherginScrollableNavigationBar. There are a few open source components (1, 2, 3, 4) for iOS but all of th...

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ADTransitionController screenshot


UINavigationController with custom transitions

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SQTShyNavigationBar screenshot


A shrinking (shy) navigation bar that automatically adjusts as a user scrolls, with customizable full and "shy" heights.The goal is to be as robust as possible, smoothly handling the trickier edge ...

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HTKScrollingNavigationController screenshot


Scrolling navigation controller with slide-up transitions for iOS 7.x. Uses UICollectionView under the hood. Supports vertical slide-up.

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SwiftAppMenuController screenshot


Facebook's like menu adapted to Swift from GTAppMenuController from Gianluca Tursi

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UIBarButtonItemGrouping screenshot


iOS category on UINavigationItem that groups automatically UIBarButtonItem buttons on the left or rightBarButtonItems. You can add as many buttons as you want and then set the available spots, ...

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TLYShyNavBar screenshot


Unlike all those arrogant UINavigationBar, this one is shy and humble! Easily create Auto-Scrolling Navigation Bars!

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IPSqueezableViewController screenshot


Offers a shrinking effect for the navigation bar like the one in for iOS.

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BWTitlePagerView screenshot


Recreate the Twitter navigation controller pager.

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Glyphish Gallery screenshot

Glyphish Gallery

Browse and search through your Glyphish icons in style. Supports OS X 10.8+.

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SloppySwiper screenshot


A `UINavigationController` delegate that allows swipe back gesture to be started from anywhere on the screen (not just from the left edge).

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ICGTransitionAnimation screenshot


ICGTransitionAnimation is a library to customize transition animation in iOS 7.

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AHKNavigationController screenshot


A `UINavigationController` subclass that re-enables the interactive pop gesture recognizer when the navigation bar is hidden or a custom back button is used. It's described in detail in the blog...

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GRNavigationController screenshot


Simple navigation controller for OS X apps.

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AKSlidecks screenshot


AKSlidecks class implements a view controller that manages the "flat" navigation of hierarchical content. It has a very simple interface similar to UINavigationController and supports swipe gesture...

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UINavigationControllerWithCompletionBlock screenshot


The UINavigationController missing api!

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XHLoadingNavigationItemTitleView screenshot


Temporarily adds a loading indicator below the title of your view controller.

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AMWaveTransition screenshot


Custom transition between viewcontrollers holding tableviews. Each cell is animated to simulate a 'wave effect'.

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DCBlurMenu screenshot


A blurred swipe down menu designed for iOS 7

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MWKProgressIndicator screenshot


A minimal progress indicator for iOS with status update support. Displays above UINavigationBar and below the Status Bar

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BFNavigationBarDrawer screenshot


A UIToolbar subclass that can easily be displayed below a UINavigationBar, similarly to the playlist view in the Music app.

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