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AGPhotoBrowser screenshot


A photo browser for iOS6 and iOS7 inspired by Facebook.

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FSImageViewer screenshot


FSImageViewer is a photo viewer (photo gallery) for iOS with AFNetworking and caching.

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ThatPhoto screenshot


ThatPhoto is an app that lets you view and edit your photos. It's a fully open source app. It's a great example for how to: * integrate Aviary * get photos from the gallery * present photos...

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ABImageWrapper screenshot


Image wrapper for temporary and long-term image caching.

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IDMPhotoBrowser screenshot


IDMPhotoBrowser is a fork of MWPhotoBrowser that adds features inspired by Facebook and Tweetbot, plus ARC support.

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CXPhotoBrowser screenshot


A fork of MWPhotoBrowser, which supports features like a navigation bar, toolbar, and 'loading' and 'load failed' placeholders.

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RequestCacher screenshot


RequestCacher is a ready to use data caching module for iOS5+ RequestCacher automatically does the following, for you: * caches data fast * creates a local database to keep track of stored d...

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UIPhotoGallery screenshot


UIPhotoGallery is a lightweight set of extended & customizable views to show Photo Gallery for iOS UIKit, including a UIView and UIViewController.

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PEPhotoCropEditor screenshot


PEPhotoCropEditor is image cropping library for iOS, similar to the UI. - Both iPhone/iPad supported - iOS 5.0 or higher

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ASGallery screenshot


Photo Gallery control like in native "Photos" application. Zooming, caching, smooth background thread image preloading, video support

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FB-Gallery screenshot


An implementation of Facebook's photo browser

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AVPhotoSlider / SightResight screenshot

AVPhotoSlider / SightResight

Shows how simple it is to use UIScrollViews to create a gallery with zooming etc. This is the code for the app Sight Resight in App Store.

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CZPhotoPickerController screenshot


A photo picker offering 'use last photo taken', 'take photo', and 'choose from library'.

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JSQMessagesViewController screenshot


An elegant messages UI library for iOS.

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FDTake screenshot


FDTake Helps you quickly take a picture or video.

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MosaicUI screenshot


MosaicUI is a tiled UI for iOS that automatic layouts according to the elements' sizes.

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ALAssetsLibrary+CustomPhotoAlbum screenshot


A nice ALAssetsLibrary category for saving images & videos into custom photo album.

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NLImageShowcase screenshot


ImageShowcase is a UIView subclass. It can be easily integrated to any application and almost everything is customizable to fit into any App.Some of its features are, Customizable layout with confi...

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Image Cropper screenshot

Image Cropper

Unlike other crop tools, this is highly optimized and uses Quartz for crop layer drawing rather than multiple UIView for showing a translucent region.

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PhotoZoom screenshot


iOS project which closely mimics the behavior of the Apple Photos app including gestures for double taps and two finger taps as well as zooming and pinching which is more automatic. A single tap al...

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REPhotoCollectionController screenshot


REPhotoCollectionController is a simple photo thumbnail viewer for the iOS that groups photos by date.

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Avatar Picker Plus screenshot

Avatar Picker Plus

Avatar Picker Plus enables your application to add custom user avatars with ease. With this custom control, you will be able to access avatars from: direct upload from your users, Facebook, Twit...

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PTShowcaseViewController screenshot


A "showcase" view controller for iOS apps. Visualizes images, videos and PDF files beautifully!

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Facebook Photo Picker screenshot

Facebook Photo Picker

Similar to the UIImagePickerController, FacebookPhotoPickerController lets your app's users pick photo from their Facebook albums. You can read more info about this component on at http://blog.grio...

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ThumbnailPickerView screenshot


ThumbnailPickerView is a control displaying a set (or technically, an array) of thumbnails aligned horizontally. It mimics thumbnails view from iPad's toolbar, but as a subclass of UICon...

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