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YIPopupTextView screenshot


A modal text view, like the one Facebook uses to post status updates.

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MADismissiveTextView screenshot


A drop in UITextView subclass that handles dismissing the keyboard with your finger, just like in the

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DAAutoScroll screenshot


DAAutoScroll is a collection of UIScrollView subclasses that allows a UIScrollView (or similar) to automatically scroll itself with adjustable speed.

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FadingTextView screenshot


A simple device for creating a fade effect at the bottom and top of a text view. Also included in the project is FadingContentScrollView which is a scroll view that you supply a content view to and the fade effect can be either top and bottom (vertical scrolling) or at left and right (horizontal scrolling). Run the project in the iPhone simulator and you get a full screen FadingTextView. Run the project in the iPad simulator and you get several examples of FadingContentViews. The effect is achieved by adding views on top of the content view which in turn have a gradient layer. There are probably better ways to achieve this - especially as the gradient views detract from the interaction area of the scrollview/textview. Any suggestions for improvement would be gratefully received.

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BSKeyboardControls screenshot


BSKeyboardControls makes it easy to put previous, next and done buttons above the keyboard in your iPhone or iPad app. BSKeyboardControls is optimized for both iPhone and iPad and therefore fits perfectly in your universal app. For usage instructions please follow the source code link.

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FTCoreTextView screenshot


CoreText wrapper to draw rich text with HTML-like tags.

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HPGrowingTextView screenshot


An UITextView which grows/shrinks with the text and starts scrolling when the content reaches a certain number of lines. Similar to the one Apple uses in the SMS-app. See blog-post for a small (outdated) screencast.

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UKSyntaxColoredTextDocument screenshot


An NSViewController (and optional document class) that implements syntax coloring and code editing-related features in an NSTextView.

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EGOTextView screenshot


EGOTextView is a complete drop in replacement for UITextView created by enormego, that adds support for Rich Text Editing.

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GCPlaceholderTextView screenshot


A subclass of UITextView that allow a placeholder. The use is exactly the same as UITextView, except that you can set a placeholder.

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JHStatusTextView screenshot


A custom UITextView with custom font, specifically designed for social status updates.

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BCTextView screenshot


A rich text view for iOS with basic HTML rendering.

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NoodleLineNumberView screenshot


Displays line numbers for an NSTextView.

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